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Branches and paths in the boroughs of truth...

Welcome to the journey of the ancient places  of our origins.  A journey that began with with a desire to find 1stEden 4 years ago after reading about 1st Garden of Eden and the other ancient submerged foundations in the Persian Gulf in the Urantia Book on a boat.

The Journey to ancient places and its search for them spans all the books of all religion, the journey has been a pure test of faith in the timeline of the journey and has uncovered much with regards to the destiny of the planet and the concerning transition.  In this journey I have noticed many massages and  warnings associated with all these ruins associated with Judgement and deals with the misinterpretation associated with death and destruction using the Paradise name.  The fragments of truth also reveals a pathway to a transition into a new epoch.  I believe is a conjunction of discovery on all levels that will expand on hidden knowledge about our past and also points to the future.  I believe through the books of all religion harmonized with the new Book contains fragments and information leading to the multiple discoveries of cities of previous Epochs.  The Urantia Book is the new book which has led man to the greatest multiple city discoveries on the planet....ever!  The Urantia Book and other books of religion are in oneness leading to the physical discovery of the ancient places and its message that can be deciphered and understood and that will prove undeniable "The Father and The Kingdom of Heaven".  The message is the same message found in all the three different locations related to the Gods but in this case with Paradise purpose.  The mystery that surrounds this journey is the Seventh Mystery as foreseen in Revelation. 

By focalizing on the ancient places and following the leads of truth through all the books of religion one finds oneself embarked on a almighty saga that involves the past of mankind which is immersed in a puzzle where all the pieces come together in the timeline of space and time.   The Sevens pattern together with all pieces fit in unification over time.  Its is the most intriguing journey on the planet regarding planetary secrets and mystery directly related to Paradise/Kingdom of Heaven.   All the pieces of the puzzle are forming a conjunction that seems to run in parallel with the prophecy timeline coupled with current world events written in the books of all religion.  Everything is tied in with each, all the places of our origins are one in the same.

I believe the key to the solution of the problems of mankind may lay in the discovery of the Seven commands that may lay buried in any of the cities which lay in the Persian Gulf . The lost cities of Dalamatia City  first and lower Susa, Dilmun to the North, and Dilmun to the East are submerged in the North Eastern coast of the Persian Gulf including near the headwaters of the Persian Gulf.  I believe these ancient submerged places are the "Heritage of the Ages" and the discovery of the Seven commands would hold the key for the healing for the nations, through a mystery of mankind  that involves his soul and future destiny with Paradise direction in discovery and revealment where no one gets hurt.  All foreseen within all the books of world religion written by all the prophets and seers within each culture, each playing there role in the end time reality of transition.

In the following are the clues in fragment form that point to the hidden tracks of the ancient places of previous Epochs.  The Soul of the journey is the witness of the discoveries in the on the run forum replies section (starting from the first tablet), these copied replies are posted on the forum and then copied all on the run and without premeditation, I read, I think and I realize,  I write, my thoughts are spread over a few forums with link backs to the actual thread.  Following this track you can see all the various things I find and realize.

This is an Anti Terrorist Site.
Paradise abhors violence upon any man!

School of the Sevenfold prophets

The Ancient Foundations Discovered

The triangle of truth

Flash introduction to Eden

The Targum from the Beginnings
The soul of the on the run journey in the timeline.

Sermon on the Kingdom fragment

insert 28th June 07
Dalamatia city, the home of the Sons of God before the fall??

Dalamatia City discovered June 28th 07

Dalamatia City the new domain

Here is link to the Sevens tablet in an attempt to make the connections through symbolism.
Here is a recent post following the path of Symbolism behind this journey, the tablet was produced about a year ago.

Google earth journey to the ancient places

Let the journey begin!!!!!

The Office of the Messiah
opened October 2nd 07


The work in this project comes from the Office of the Messiah headed by
Jesus and Melchizedek

from the Dead Sea Scrolls

A message directly from Jesus

The office of the Messiah is a spiritual office.  The workers in this office of the Messiah can be anyone from any religion who believes in the truth, beauty and goodness and no violence.  No one has to give up there religion or sacrifice anything to enter the Kingdom of Heaven just have faith and sincerity and do the will of the Father in truth, beauty and goodness.  The fragments of truth relating to the great planetary mystery is contained within all the books of religion.  The truth is in your hands, in your own book but there is an expansion of religion, history and science which is occurring.  In this office everyone can be themselves and feel at peace, this office doesn't require individuals to give up there faith in order to be a participant in the doing the will of the Father..


If you like to contact the office of the Messiah and spiritually support this office you can by contacting Sevens. 


 The Messiah's Office email


Personal Assistant to the Messiah opportunity!!
If you would like to lead people to the "Kingdom of Heaven".  You can, right now in your step of faith in sharing truth, here is an opportunity to join this great adventure in the journey to the heritage of the ages .  This invitation is open for anyone who wants to become involved in this Grand Journey of Truth and Discovery of the Mysteries.  The path leading to the Ancient places is complimented by a major revelation The Urantia Book and is the reason for a great opportunity for anyone who desires to become part of a grand journey that will be recorded in the annals of planet and the Universe for eternity, even up to Paradise.  So far I am not disappointed and I don't think I will be.


What inspired me to open the Office of the Messiah.

Some Thoughts from the office
The opening
The claim of the lands

Concerns about current end time perceptions

The Plan
Following the Path of Symbolism
A 500,000 year old presentation coming to light
A Fountains of Gardens  by Jane lead 1700, 307 years ago and could be a description of today.
Posts on the Jane Lead discovery
Interesting confirmation
Search and Discovery of the Office and confirmation of this journey
Functionality of the Office.
4th Nov 07. A complete reworking following the threads of my thoughts and challenges regarding the ancient places and finding far better definition and harmony with the Urantia Book and also finding some revealing clues that point to the newly located Dilmun to the East. and the realization of 1st Susa.
An analysis and confirmation in amongst many of this journey to the Ancient places.
15th Nov 07 The proposal of the dual expedition to the first and second temple simultaneously.
28th Nov 07 Establishment of
30th Nov 07 Another confirmation that we are on the right track.
9th Dec 07 Getting closer to the ancient cities
18th Dec 07 The Seven Gates built that leads to Dalamatia City, The Seven Gates/Path Confirmation by Jesus
22nd Dec 07 The four places.
23rd Dec 07 The Anointing of the Seven Gates
24th Dec 07 Intent and purpose of the Seven Gates
28th Dec 07 The Sealed Book
29th Dec 07 Rapture & Rapture Flash
31st Dec 07 Salvable
1st Jan 08  The Great Challenge, A worldwide event.
1st Jan 08  The Super Comet thread in the timeline 1 2 3 4
2nd Jan 08 Some fragments on Judgment on this planet.
3rd Jan 08  Where is Oban?
4th Jan 08  Is it Christianities responsibility to seek and verify the ancient places.
9th Jan 08  Wormwood, the Super Comet!
11th Jan 08  "The city of your disappointed hopes and thwarted ambitions"
14th Jan 08 A study on Sri Lanka
25th Jan 08 Dematerializing matter, like nuclear waste.
26th Jan 08 The confirmation of my thoughts in the dematerializing matter.
30th Jan 08 Are we getting closer to ultimatonic confirmation.
30th Jan 08 The formation of the country "Realm of Paradise" Dalamatia City the Capital.

3rd Feb 08  Self realisation in the timeline of the journey to the ancient places. 1 2

5th Feb 08  Proving the date of Noah's ark flood through 1stSusa.
8th Feb 08 The Michaels and their plans.
8th Feb 08 Semha and Denha and Michael in the times of the crowns.
8th Feb 08 Van and Srinagar, the first place of evacuation.
15th Feb 08 The 2nd Garden of Eden, the Wall of 2nd Eden, the discovery maybe??
18th Feb 08 Could this be the home of the Angels in the Antarctic.
19th Feb 08 More information on the headquarters of the Angels.
23rd Feb 08 Enoch in the New Testament that is pleasing to the Father.
23rd Feb 08 The Sevenfold connection

29th Feb 08 Are in the moment, fulfillment of prophecies
11th March 08 a mighty group “without number” The Confirmation
11th March 08 The Proposal to the Church.
19th March 08 An interesting date to look out for.
30th March 08 More on Nostradamus and the End time construct.

1st April 08 The Angona System, Wormwood, Nibiru, the Approach.
25th April 08  Bearing witness.
2nd May 08 Vans and Amadons Highland capital.

In the following are a number of excerpts out of Enoch that I feel reflects the journey and prophecies connected to the ancient places where Jesus and Melchizedek are personally involved in this final mystery of mankind.   "The Son of Man", I believe is helping us reveal the treasures which has been concealed for eons.

Urantia Book search on Enoch the book that Jesus studied and adopted the term "Son of Man"

Here is a fragment in Enoch that states that Jesus "The Son of Man" is directly involved in this journey and the discovery of the ancient cities.  Jesus is personally helping us to the truth he is directly involved in this journey of truth for the future of mankind.

"The Son of Man" and his involvement in revealing what is concealed, all the ancient places.  The treasure houses , the heritage of the ages are open to all mankind.

 1Enoch 46:2
He answered and said to me: This is the Son of man, to whom
righteousness belongs; with whom righteousness has dwelt; and
who will
reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed; for the
Lord of spirits has chosen him; and his portion has surpassed all
before the Lord of spirits in everlasting uprightness.

(Introduces Jesus, "The son of Man" and his involvement with the hidden treasures that are concealed that are being revealed)

Enoch 56 6 And they shall go up and tread under foot the land of His elect ones
[And the land of His elect ones shall be before them a threshing-floor and a highway :]

7 But the city of my righteous shall be a hindrance to their horses.
(The ancient foundations has been revealed to the nations concerning the location of the ancient places, by doing this, the ancient foundation serve as a stumbling block to the nations in there ultimate motives which is perplexing in the future decisions they make.  National Ego and vanity may be the stumbling block for the nations regarding these places.  The horses has been restrained by the knowledge and judgments attached to these ancient places in the Persian Gulf.)

1Enoch 58 5 And after this it shall be said to the holy in heaven
That they should seek out the secrets of righteousness, the heritage of faith:
For it has become bright as the sun upon earth,
And the darkness is past.
(The ancient places is the secrets of righteousness and all the fragments in all the books of religion unify in truth to the locations not to mention the final reality construct.  All the locations 1stEden, Dalamatia, Dilmun and Babel are the heritage (the beginning) of faith.  The first places where it all began)


And in the following is details of the current test I believe we are in now as it evolved and the current project as in
"The forty Test and its extension" and "The Quest for the Sevens Commands"

The Sevenfold Instruction represented as The Urantia Papers.

A manifestation of the Paradise Trinity, The Ancient of Days, The Most High, the Assistant Supervisors Seraphic helpers, The Melchizedeks, other personalities of the realm and physical representatives
of the Sevenfold 7 team.  An individual.

A Paradise Trinity operation
full screen
word search

"Sevenfold Scheme of unification and stabilization of planet Earth"
The Urantia Revelation

The Mars Test
Is there a close by civilisation of a
Non Breather civilisation living on Mars?

Odes to Solomon
Highlights and reflections
of the journey to the ancient places

Baruch 2 & 3
ragments of Reflections in ongoing forum replies of the
Whole journey to the ancient places

The Cities and the journey confirmed by Baruch
1 2 3 4 5  new calculation
The End time vision of Baruch

The Journey to Lake Dal

Making the move and the Aleisters Crowley mystery

More on the Sevenfold Ministry from  the Urantia Book view.
Sevenfold Mystery reflected in ancient Sumerian text related to Marduk.
A Urantia Book search on the Hindu religion.
Noahs Ark, A possible metaphor for this journey to the first places in this age.

The Dogon Connection in symbolism

"The Fathers Way"

from the Urantia Book with the clues.

"The Quest for the Seven Commands"
"The Fathers way"

The Test of all faith in the recovery of the Seven commands
proclaimed on the 7/2/07
at 7:02

The scenario and the parallels to the scripture.
Information on the Seven commands

The Evolution of the "Quest for the Seven commands"

The 40 Day Test
click here

I believe the two following researchers are absolutely spot on in their research and the coastlands and Christianity on all levels should pay more attention to these most excellent researchers in the truth of the matter.  These men are not hampered by fear and of the boundaries of doctrine and dogma or blinded by rote learning, they respond to where ever truth emantes from in there personal experience in their contemplations and studies.  I think they are the best researchers in the books of religion in the coastlands.

Ernest Moyers Papers
That confirms many things.
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand
by Dr Edmund Roach

The end game
A sevenfold scheme operation

The various times in history when the 7 commands was used. 

Further insights 
However, in spite of all the doom and gloom about the End times we find this contrasting comment from Jesus in the Urantia Book and correction in the interpretation of utter doom and gloom.

A fragment on justice, the hammer
Working directly with the Deities of Paradise.
A search on "Anti Gravity"
One key to "Anti Gravity"
A formula to "Anti Gravity" that can be perused

It is obvious in the current time that all mankind in one form or another has witnessed antigravity qualities of UFOs seen in the skies of the planet.  Its is quite possible that these beings are our brothers who evolved on a non breather planet  which I believe is the moon as mentioned in the Urantia Book  but way before the earth evolved Sentient beings.  Here is a thread that speaks of Mars and in my mind leads to the moon.  It may lead to this Non breather race living close to us, just follow the threads and links.  Obviously this race has developed and is advance in Anti Gravity manipulation of matter.

Here is a study of AntiMatter which can be combined with AntiGravity clues.  The Clues to the saving of our planet and its inhabitants of faith.

A gem: for the scientist of the future.

Throughout all of this never-ending metamorphosis of energy and matter we must reckon with the influence of gravity pressure and with the
antigravity behavior of the ultimatonic energies under certain conditions of temperature, velocity, and revolution. Temperature, energy currents, distance, and the presence of the living force organizers and the power directors also have a bearing on all transmutation phenomena of energy and matter.

The above I think is the key to all our energy problems in the new Epoch leading to light and life.

and another gem

The superuniverse of Orvonton is apparently now running down; the outer universes seem to be winding up for unparalleled future activities; the central Havona universe is eternally stabilized. Gravity and absence of heat (cold) organize and hold matter together; heat and antigravity disrupt matter and dissipate energy. The living power directors and force organizers are the secret of the special control and intelligent direction of the endless metamorphoses of universe making, unmaking, and remaking. Nebulae may disperse, suns burn out, systems vanish, and planets perish, but the universes do not run down.

Further Evidence in the Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach that the ancient places are linked to Epochal change and a test.

Wisdom of Jesus, Son of Sirach

42:18 He searches out the abyss, and the hearts of men, and considers their crafty devices. For the Most High knows all that may be known, and he looks into the signs of the age.

19 He declares what has been and what is to be, and he reveals the tracks of hidden things.

20 No thought escapes him, and not one word is hidden from him.

21 He has ordained the splendors of his wisdom, and he is from everlasting and to everlasting. Nothing can be added or taken away, and he needs no one to be his counselor.
(The above is again about the ancient places and the hidden tracks followed that led to the places of our origins with connected judgments.  The revealed ancient locations are the signs of the termination of this age)

1Enoch 39:7 He will direct his counsel and knowledge aright, and meditate on his secrets.
8 He will reveal instruction in his teaching, and will glory in the law of the Lord's covenant.
(I believe the above is a clear description of this current journey and the information revealed leading to the ancient places and also could apply  "in the law " to the 7 commands)

Are we in the moment?? some thoughts from a recent post.

1Enoch 59:1 In those days mine eyes saw the secrets of the lightnings, and of the lights, and the judgements they execute (lit. their judgement ): and they lighten for a blessing or a curse as the Lord of

2 Spirits willeth. And there
I saw the secrets of the thunder, and how when it resounds above in the heaven, the sound thereof is heard, and he caused me to see the judgements executed on the earth, whether they be for well-being and blessing, or for a curse according to the word of the Lord of Spirits.

3 And after that all the secrets of the lights and lightnings were shown to me, and they lighten for blessing and for satisfying.
(Everything in the above is about the revealing of the ancient places and the knowledge and judgments attached to it.  The thunder and lightning is the truth and knowledge of the places revealed in the books of religion)

Is the following the timing.

1Enoch 50:1 In the year 500, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch. In that Parable I saw how a mighty quaking made the heaven of heavens to quake, and the host of the Most High, and the angels, a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, were 2 disquieted with a great disquiet. And the Head of Days sat on the throne of His glory, and the angels and the righteous stood around Him.
(The date given in the above Enoch extract 14/07/ seems like the date of judgement now that the ancient places and the attached knowledge has been revealed.  certainly food for thought.)

Note: the 40 day test that I proclaimed in July 4th 06 without the knowledge of Enoch's 10 week judgment. The test proclaimed was in the first week of the Seventh month which in the same time period as in the below verse. 

3 And Enoch began to recount from the books and said:
' I was born the
seventh in the first week,
While judgement and righteousness still endured.
It was in the Seventh part last year September 16-17 06 at 12.00pm where I discovered the two submerged Nodite cites as referred to in the Urantia Book.  However at the time of discovery I thought 1st Susa was Dalamatia, it was only after the discovery of real Dalamatia on June 28th 07 that I named the Nodite city Tipura but later realized it was 1st Susa, the Andite city .  The discovery of  Dilmun to the North where the tower of Babel existed happen an hour later in the same night.  I believe these places are the activators of the transition process and understand these Nodite cities are the original capitals of the fallen Sons of God as mentioned in the Urantia Book and the fallen sons of Gods current fate rests in the adjudication process of the ancient of days in the matters of the Planet and for the larger universe.

Dilmun to the North, Babel and 1st Susa was discovered in this exact time period of Enoch's ten week judgment that I was following which 1st Susa the time in relation to a 40 day test I declared on July 4th.  The locations was found in the Seventh part based on the following extract found in 1Enoch. on Sept 16-17 06.   A living test of the books.

15 And after this, in the tenth week in the seventh part,

  next... here are some more fragments that point to the beginning.

Book of Parables Chapter 70

1 And it came to pass after this that his name during his lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of
2 Man and to the Lord of Spirits from amongst those who dwell on the earth. And he was raised aloft

3 on the chariots of the spirit and his name vanished among them. And from that day I was no longer numbered amongst them: and he set me between the two winds, between the North and the
4 West, where the angels took the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous. And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.
(It seems that the above describes the proposed expeditions to the lost cities in "Quest for the Seven commands" and the 2  expeditions to 1stEden.   In the respect to "the cords to measure for me the place"  we are told to measure and investigate in metaphor to the submerged foundations, there seems to be reflections similar to this in Revelations. 

Here is a study concerning the measuring of the dwelling place of the Father in his first place and certain advise given on where to look, directions to the breach The Ark of his Testament)

(5th August 07) insertion click here

Now of course no will believe that the waters will change
1Enoch 66

and here is further evidence that the Urantia Book and the Sevenfold doctrine/instruction prophecy is The Urantia Book.

Here are some prophetical extracts from the 1Enoch that speaks about the opening of new books during the completion of an age and marks the beginning of a new epochal age. Further extracts defines one book named as the Sevenfold doctrine/Information that reveals information about the whole of his creation which is The Urantia Book.

Prophecy from over 2000 years ago starting from the Book of Enoch that points to another book that exists today as the new revelation for the new Epoch in the destiny of mankind.

word search


Quote: Excerpts from the book of Enoch 300 B.C.   A mystery that is unfolding in the current planetary timeline.

1 Enoch 104:10 Another mystery also I point out. To the righteous and the wise shall be given books of joy, of integrity, and of great wisdom. To them shall books be given, in which they shall believe;

1 Enoch l04:ll And in which they shall rejoice. And all the righteous shall be rewarded, who from these shall acquire the knowledge of every upright path.

1 Enoch 92:l2 Afterwards, in the seventh week a perverse generation shall arise; abundant shall be its deeds, and all its deeds perverse. During its completion, the righteous shall be selected from the plant of everlasting righteousness; and to them shall be given the sevenfold doctrine respecting every part of his whole creation,

1 Enoch 92:17  The former heaven shall depart and pass away; a new heaven shall appear; and all the celestial powers shine with sevenfold splendor for ever. Afterwards likewise shall there be many weeks, which shall externally exist in goodness and in righteousness.


1Enoch 1:8 Then shall all belong to God; be happy and blessed; and the splendor of the Godhead shall illuminate them.


It amazes me that the Book of Enoch was written before Jesus' time and was hidden for many centuries.  It is only now that this remarkable book is beginning to reveal its truth today, at a time of real relevance in the timeline of planetary progression.  It may be a conjunction of truth materializing before our eyes.


Studies and research

On going forum replies

The Eden Enoch Ezekiel and other book parallels


The Seventh Seal

research papers and studies.  All on going.

The Sevens Tablet

A study into the Nodites

The unifying effect study

The Chinese Connection

Rabbi Reveals Name of the Messiah

A thread that began in Egypt to the thought adjuster then to a Rabbi then Jeshua(Jesus) and then to Zerubbabel
or is that Babel in metaphor in the end times and the characters behind the journey. 
Just follow all the threads.

Here is a thread on the road to Dilmun in the journey to the ancient places

Three Parallel Prophecies Haggai, Enoch and Sevens all made in the same time

A Quranic related mystery related to the journey to the
submerged cities revealed in the end times

Distant reflections of the destruction of Dalamatia and Dilmun and Van as in Vurana

"A recent discovery of further anomalies in the Persian Gulf that causes review of the location of Dalamatia?"

30th June 07 latest update on the end time prophecy season

The completion of the George Washington Prophecy in my view

A description of the temple of the "Kingdom of Heaven" that will descend to Earth

The triangles of Jerusem (The system capital) and the Parallels to the design of Dalamatia City.

Sept 18th 07 perhaps the date of rapture??

The end from the beginning

The Gospel of Thomas

Rapture Petition

Jesus connection

The family tomb of Jesus
A thread that  leads to the System Capital, Jerusem in design
and the ancient foundations


Mystery from Jesus' family tomb

The mystery that reaches the heavens and even to the Capital of this universe from Jesus' family tomb.

Martian capital

Is there links to Mars, to a civilisation that are non breathers.

Next we look at Nostradamus and see if there are links to the journey and what has been revealed.

The Nostradamus link to the submerged foundations?

Nostradamus (1503-1566) was a Jewish prophet, astrologer, astronomer and physician was born in St. Remy, France,
and converted to Catholicism to avoid religious persecution.

The forces of the sea divided into three parts,
The second one will run out of supplies,
In despair looking for the Elysian Fields,  (Dilmun direct reference?)
The first ones to enter the breach will obtain the victory.
(This above appears to be describing the expeditions to the ancient places (the Elysian fields)  Dilmun is directly related to the Elysian fields and the term Elysian fields can be found in Greek mythology as the land of the Gods) The Elysian fields could also mean all the ancient submerged locations relating to the land of the Gods)

For five hundred years more one will keep count of him
(Nostradamus 1503 + 500yrs = 2003 (discovery of Atlantis, the beginning journey to the ancient places)
Who was the ornament of his time:
Then suddenly great light will he give,
He who for
this century will render them very satisfied.

The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
Not far from the great millennial age,

When the buried will go out from their tombs.
(Epochal shift, could it be 2007, The role call of the end of a dispensation, The role call is performed by Gabriel, The Archangel?)

C1 Q 56
The great amount of silver of Diana and Mercury
(the treasure houses of the planet looked after by the angels  i.e. the 7 commands and what it represents.)
The images will be seen in the lake
1st Susa B&W 1stSusa 1st Susa) (The discovery o
f 1st Susa, the confirmation.)
The sculptor looking for new clay.
(New truth and enlightenment through discovery of the ancient places pointing to all the books.)
He and his followers will be soaked in gold.
(the path of truth, beauty and goodness will be blessed and rewarded.)

"The images will be seen in the lake"
1st Susa

Further thoughts in some thread posts

C 2 Q 28
The moon in the middle of the night . . . Remembering the Cities 1st Susa and Dilmun to the North was discovered at 12 midnight on Sept 16-17th 06.  In the middle of the night.
The young sage alone with his mind has seen it. (Seen the path, the truth and the construct)
His disciples
invite him to become immortal . . . (invited to partake of the tree of life by the angels, in other words translation or rapture, the gift!)
His body in the fire.
(translation fire passing through to the next dimension of existence, the Angelic realm.)

The Moon in the full of night over the high mountain,
The new sage with a lone brain sees it:
By his disciples invited to be immortal,
Eyes to the south. Hands in bosoms, bodies in the fire.

Regarding translation here are some parallels excerpts found in the Book of Thomas:

GThom 1

And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

and here is another intersecting parallel from the Book of Thomas.

"Tell us how our end will be." Jesus said, "Have you discovered, then, the beginning, that you look for the end? For where the beginning is, there will the end be. Blessed is he who will take his place in the beginning; he will know the end and will not experience death,"

Isaiah 46:10 Parallel Translations

NASB: Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things which have not been done, Saying, 'My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure'

Continuing on..

C 10 Q 75
Mars and
the scepter will be in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer. (
Wars we have today)
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed
(Melchizedek or 12 Imam or Jesus, some one will come.)
Who will bring peace to the earth for a very long time. 

Extracts taken from here


For the free city of the great Crescent sea,
(Free city = Dalamatia, Persian Gulf)
Which still carries the stone in its stomach,
(the 7 commands)
The English fleet will come under the drizzle
(A flashpoint situation near Dalamatia and the British coming into the knowledge of Dalamatia ..(insert 5 August 07. as it was thought to be Dalamatia.  However recently the real Dalamatia has been found.  The previous Dalamatia has, since 28th June 07 been renamed Tipura/Dilmun, however upon further realisation the location is the first and lower city of Susa.)
To seize a branch, war opened by the great one.
(In the current timeline the ancient places of the Gods where revealed to the British and the Iranians during the capture and detention of the 15 English marines which was close to the location of Dalamatia (now called first and lower city of Susa as of Nov 2nd 07
)  Both nations came into the knowledge of the ancient places and its message.  The marines where released!

 Battle angels to clear a path to ancient places

The royal bird over the city of the Sun, 1st Susa the first Nodite city found originally thought as Dalamatia City (Dalamatia City recently discovered Dalamatia images in the Southern Persian Gulf)
Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen:
(7 months in the beforehand experience to the event? or in the Seven month in the relevant year where judgment will occur,  the sleeping Omen arises or does the
Seven months in advance have something to do with the 40 day test I declared in July 4th?) update
The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder,
(A shift will occur through revealment and knowledge.)
Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

and in the Book of Enoch

1 In the year 500, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month in the life of Enoch. In that Parable I saw how a mighty quaking made the heaven of heavens to quake, and the host of the Most High, and the angels, a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, were 2 disquieted with a great disquiet. And the Head of Days sat on the throne of His glory, and the angels and the righteous stood around Him. 14/07/07
(In the above, could it be the actual date of importance considering all has been revealed including the message attached to the places) follow the 500 link


' I was born the seventh in the first week, 1-7/07/07

Please note If there is a Rapture involved, I believe it is not restricted to any one religion of faith, God is no respecter persons.  Rapture is not just for Christians but for people who love and do the will of the Father in truth, beauty and goodness in peace. This means all man of all faith whose fruits are of the spirit that are righteous in truth, beauty and goodness and in love for one another without any violence.  It is completely arrogant for any one religion to think they are the only ones. Its is the soul and motive of man that Paradise sees.

The following Enoch extract may indicate a rapture process before actual judgment and this could be seen in the word "thenceforward", looking forward.  However, it may simply indicate the result of the judgment process where all sin and wrong motivation will be dealt with by the Magisterial Son of Paradise.

Here are some thoughts about rapture and a correction to what was the current thought of severe judgment..

Enoch 62

13 And the righteous and elect shall be saved on that day,
And they shall never "thenceforward" see the face of the sinners and unrighteous.

30th June 07 latest update on the endtime prophecy season

Enoch 10 week judgement

Some thoughts on where we as a planet are going, the process

21 reasons why rapture is a possibility but then again here is the correction to the thoughts of rapture. inserted 16thOct 07

And now we look at the Quran to see if it contains fragments to the ancient places and other bits of information relating to the End days.

The second coming according to the Quran
Here are some very interesting and compelling research about the end times from the Quran
added 20th April 07

Solar Eclipse Of Qiyamah Has Occurred!

Imam Mahdi Has Surfaced

He will extract the Torah and the other Divine Books from their caverns and will judge amongst the faithful of the Torah according to the Torah, amongst the faithful of the Evangiles according to the al-Zabur and amongst the faithful of the Koran according to the Koran. It is the universal initiation by the Imam for all men into the secrets of existence and of their own religions, and this is without doubt the meaning which much be understood by the term "Mahdi" given by the fifth Imam al-Bagir: "Mahdi ("the guide") is named as such because it is he who will guide (yahdi) us in the secret teachings." (al-Nu’mani, op. cit., page 342

In this way the awaited Imam (al-Muntazar) Mahdi, Qa’im, will prepare the earth for the Last Judgement and the Resurrection.


For We have written in the Psalms, after the Remembrance, 'The earth shall be the inheritance of My righteous servants.' (Anbiya' [21], 105)


Since the Imam must also be protected from committing any error in carrying out this great responsibility, it must be pointed out that the Imam's knowledge is other than that acquired through sense perception. Hence, his knowledge is different from the knowledge of an ordinary person. Through the Prophet's own guidance the Imam possesses clear insights into religious knowledge. Moreover, he is endowed with direct experience of the truth through his inner eyes. It is because of this that he is protected from any error or forgetfulness, and so acts in accord with this experience and direct observation of religious truth. More importantly, it is this attribute that qualifies him to assume the Imamate of the Muslim community.


The realization of these potentials indisputably anoints him the leader of humanity. If humanity, at any point, is deprived of this leadership, the situation could lead to the disappearance of the divine ordinances which were proclaimed for the betterment of humankind. Moreover, it could lead to the discontinuation of divine help and could sever the connection between the divine and human realms.


"Hadith of Abu Dawud

The Imam who will create a world state will make the ruling nations pay for their crimes against society. He will bring succor to humanity. He will take out the hidden wealth from the breast of the earth and will distribute it equitably amongst the needy deserving. He will teach you simple living and high thinking. He will make you understand that virtue is a state of character which is always a mean between the two extremes, and which is based upon equity and justice. He will revive the teaching of the Holy Qur'an and the traditions of the Holy Prophet after the world has ignored them as dead letters.

He will protect and defend himself with resources of science and supreme knowledge. His control over these resources will be complete. He will know how supreme they are and how carefully they will have to be used. His mind will be free from desires of bringing harm and injury to humanity. Such a knowledge to him will be like the property which was wrongly possessed by others and for which he was waiting for the permission to repossess and use.

He, in the beginning, will be like a poor stranger unknown and uncared for, and Islam then will be in the hopeless and helpless plight of an exhausted camel who has laid down its head and is wagging its tail. With such a start he will establish an empire of God in this world. He will be the final demonstration and proof of God's merciful wish to acquaint man with the right ways of life." 

A study, however I do see things differently

And We sent down Iron in which is Mighty War,
As well as many benefits for mankind,
That Allah may test who it is that will help, unseen, Him and His messengers.

surah 57:25 Al Hadid

Is the above really in relation to the "Quest for the Seven commands" and the related Test
I believe  "
the Ruh of Allah" is the 7 commands.

Some early explorations for the ancient places in the Quran, looking for the pieces.

A Quranic related mystery related to the journey to the
submerged cities revealed in the end times

40 day test

How interesting!


Here are some more very intriguing information from the Quran from this link

Say: "I know not whether the (Punishment) which ye are promised is near, (5748) or whether my Lord will appoint for it a distant term.
He (alone) knows the Unseen, nor does He make anyone acquainted with
His Mysteries — (5749)
Except a messenger (5750) whom He has chosen:
And then he makes a band of watchers (5751) march before him and behind him,
That He may know that they have (truly) (5751-A) brought and delivered
the Messages of their Lord:
And He surrounds (
all the mysteries) that are with them, and He takes account of every single thing."

surah 72:25-28 Al Jinn (The Spirits)
(Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur’an, 1989.)

"5748. The coming of Judgement is certain. But the exact time, relatively to our standards on this earth, no one can tell. Allah alone knows it. Even a Prophet of Allah, as such, does not know the Mysteries of the Unseen World, except insofar as they have been revealed to him by Allah’s Revelation.

Mystery, or the Unseen, has two aspects. The relative Unseen is so with reference to a particular person, because of the intervention of Time, Space, or particular circumstances. . . the Absolute Unseen, the Absolute Mystery, or Allah’s Mystery, is something which no creature can know or see, except insofar as Allah reveals it to him; and Allah reveals such things to the extent that is good for men, through His chosen messengers . . .

5750. Cf. 3:179 and n. 482. (see below)

5751-A. They: the band of watchers.


Abdullah Yusuf Ali, The Holy Qur’an


Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection)

He questions: "When is the Day of Resurrection?" At length, when the sight is dazed and the moon is buried in darkness, and the sun and moon are joined together that Day will Man say; "Where is the refuge?"

Qur'an 75.6-10

The temple, Dalamatia City where the Seven commands lay.

"O ye assembly of Jinns and men! Came there not unto you messengers from amongst you, setting forth unto you My Signs, and warning you of the meeting of this day of yours?"

Qur'an 6.130-13

A reminder from an Hadith about the faith in the beforehand of the test

In the following link connects the Great Egyptian Pyramid to the Tower of Babel in Dilmun.

The Great Pyramid mystery


A Highlight study only in the study of paper 108 in the Urantia Book, MISSION AND MINISTRY OF THOUGHT ADJUSTERS to see if the work of the thought adjuster in this case can be identified in the journey to the ancient places..


The Moses journey to Sinai

Mt Sinai in Arabia, The Mountain of God Yahweh


Shangdi that occurred 700BC

The Circle religion in China
Click here

A curiosity post on the circle religion in China through Shangdi 700 BC
A remnant of the Melchizedek truth.
 100 years before Plato
Note the concentric circles.

large page download

line 141: The later waves of Andites brought with them certain of the cultural advances of Mesopotamia; this is especially true of the last waves of migration from the west. They greatly improved the economic and educational practices of the northern Chinese; and while their influence upon the religious culture of the yellow race was short-lived, their later descendants contributed much to a subsequent spiritual awakening. But the Andite traditions of the beauty of Eden and Dalamatia did influence Chinese traditions; early Chinese legends place "the land of the gods" in the west.

Here is a Google Earth file with Place marks of the Adamson and other discovered ancient civilizations

Google Earth and the ancient foundations

New Babel Gallery

Babel Gallery

Prophet Isa (Jesus) Peace be upon him (Jesus son of Mary peace be upon them)
will descend before the key battle and kill Dajjal at Bab-e-Ludd (Gate of Ludd). ...

Is this the confirmation


The Original foundations
The modern age will refuse to accept a religion which is inconsistent with facts and out of harmony with its highest conceptions of truth, beauty, and goodness. The hour is striking for a rediscovery of the true and original foundations of present-day distorted and compromised Christianity--

The Urantia Book, the Jesus teachings

Quote: But there is no excuse for the involvement of the church in commerce and politics; such unholy alliances are a flagrant betrayal of the Master. And the genuine lovers of truth will be slow to forget that this powerful institutionalized church has often dared to smother newborn faith and persecute truth bearers who chanced to appear in unorthodox raiment.

Quote: The Urantia Book: The Sevenfold team

line 84: 4. Assistant Teachers. The assistant teachers are the helpers and associates of their fellow seraphim, the teaching counselors. They are also individually connected with the extensive educational enterprises of the local universe, especially with the sevenfold scheme of training operative on the mansion worlds of the local systems. A marvelous corps of this order of seraphim functions on Urantia for the purpose of fostering and furthering the cause of truth and righteousness.


Quote: The Urantia Book: The origins of the Sevenfold Scheme.

line 28: Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The first post-Havona creation was divided into seven stupendous segments, and the headquarters worlds of these superuniverse governments were designed and constructed. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days.


Quote: The Urantia Book: Jesus speaks to Peter (the rock) regarding his second coming.

line 52: In further answer to Peter's question, Jesus said: "Why do you still look for the Son of Man to sit upon the throne of David and expect that the material dreams of the Jews will be fulfilled? Have I not told you all these years that my kingdom is not of this world? The things which you now look down upon are coming to an end, but this will be a new beginning out of which the gospel of the kingdom will go to all the world and this salvation will spread to all peoples. And when the kingdom shall have come to its full fruition be assured that the Father in heaven will not fail to visit you with an enlarged revelation of truth and an enhanced demonstration of righteousness, even as he has already bestowed upon this world him who became the prince of darkness, and then Adam, who was followed by Melchizedek, and in these days, the Son of Man. And so will my Father continue to manifest his mercy and show forth his love, even to this dark and evil world. So also will I, after my Father has invested me with all power and authority, continue to follow your fortunes and to guide in the affairs of the kingdom by the presence of my spirit, who shall shortly be poured out upon all flesh. Even though I shall thus be present with you in spirit, I also promise that I will sometime return to this world, where I have lived this life in the flesh and achieved the experience of simultaneously revealing God to man and leading man to God. Very soon must I leave you and take up the work the Father has intrusted to my hands, but be of good courage, for I will sometime return. In the meantime, my Spirit of the Truth of a universe shall comfort and guide you.

There seems to be two components in this statement.  The first component "an enlarged revelation of truth" which is The Urantia Book/Sevenfold doctrine. The second component  "an enhanced demonstration of righteousness" Which I believe is the physical discovery of the 1st Garden of Eden and Dalamatia (the original Sevenfold physical home) and 1st Susa and Dilmun to the North (The two Nodite cities) from which all things will follow both physically and spiritually. We are going back to where it all began, only to restore things for the future destiny of mankind, but this time in relationship with God through the Sevenfold Doctrine/The Urantia Book, 1st Garden of Eden and other unifying books as mentioned previously.

Now if the The sevenfold doctrine/The Urantia Book is true and correct and not imagination, all the information in all books and scriptures has to link and harmonise with the the ancient locations and parallel the physical evidence found of the coast of Cyprus and with the other submerged cities in the Persian Gulf.

1st Garden of Eden embedded in the books of Enoch, Job, Ezekiel, Psalms, Isaiah, Genesis, The Psuedographia books, Plato, a Sumerian tablet, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, other sources of information and inspired works of individual religionists that led to the 1st Garden of Eden, Dalamatia, Dilmun to the North, Dilmun to the East  the Tower of Babel  1st Susa and vestiges of the Adamson civilisation.

 Uncovering the path designed for us to follow.


line 58: "But the times of the reappearing of the Son of Man are known only in the councils of Paradise; not even the angels of heaven know when this will occur. However, you should understand that, when this gospel of the kingdom shall have been proclaimed to all the world for the salvation of all peoples, and when the fullness of the age has come to pass, the Father will send you another dispensational bestowal, or else the Son of Man will return to adjudge the age


line 109: The twelve Melchizedek receivers of Urantia did heroic work. They preserved the remnants of civilization, and their planetary policies were faithfully executed by Van. Within one thousand years after the rebellion he had more than three hundred and fifty advanced groups scattered abroad in the world. These outposts of civilization consisted largely of the descendants of the loyal Andonites slightly admixed with the Sangik races, particularly the blue men, and with the Nodites


"an enlarged revelation of truth and an enhanced demonstration of righteousness"

Magisterial Missions
A paper written by Robert Sarmast

Where is Urantia Heading?

Remnants of the Symbol of Van, the co-planar circles and the vestiges of the Adamson Civilisation.


The Jesus Prophecy from the 1st Book of Adam and Eve,

Another Urantia excerpt: A message from our universe creator.  Jesus

line 110: Shame on those false religious teachers who would drag hungry souls back into the dim and distant past and there leave them! And so are these unfortunate persons doomed to become frightened by every new discovery, while they are discomfited by every new revelation of truth. The prophet who said, "He will be kept in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on God," was not a mere intellectual believer in authoritative theology. This truth-knowing human had discovered God; he was not merely talking about God.

line 111: I admonish you to give up the practice of always quoting the prophets of old and praising the heroes of Israel, and instead aspire to become living prophets of the Most High and spiritual heroes of the coming kingdom. To honor the God-knowing leaders of the past may indeed be worth while, but why, in so doing, should you sacrifice the supreme experience of human existence: finding God for yourselves and knowing him in your own souls?

line 58: Jesus speaks "What new sign is it that you seek at my hands? I declare that you already have sufficient evidence to enable you to make your decision. Verily, verily, I say to many who sit before me this day, you are confronted with the necessity of choosing which way you will go; and I say to you, as Joshua said to your forefathers, `choose you this day whom you will serve.' Today, many of you stand at the parting of the ways.

line 97: When Simon Zelotes and Jesus were alone, Simon asked the Master: "Why is it that I could not persuade him? Why did he so resist me and so readily lend an ear to you?" Jesus answered: "Simon, Simon, how many times have I instructed you to refrain from all efforts to take something out of the hearts of those who seek salvation? How often have I told you to labor only to put something into these hungry souls? Lead men into the kingdom, and the great and living truths of the kingdom will presently drive out all serious error. When you have presented to mortal man the good news that God is his Father, you can the easier persuade him that he is in reality a son of God. And having done that, you have brought the light of salvation to the one who sits in darkness. Simon, when the Son of Man came first to you, did he come denouncing Moses and the prophets and proclaiming a new and better way of life? No. I came not to take away that which you had from your forefathers but to show you the perfected vision of that which your fathers saw only in part. Go then, Simon, teaching and preaching the kingdom, and when you have a man safely and securely within the kingdom, then is the time, when such a one shall come to you with inquiries, to impart instruction having to do with the progressive advancement of the soul within the divine kingdom."

line 114: Ancient magic was the cocoon of modern science, indispensable in its time but now no longer useful. And so the phantasms of ignorant superstition agitated the primitive minds of men until the concepts of science could be born. Today, Urantia is in the twilight zone of this intellectual evolution. One half the world is grasping eagerly for the light of truth and the facts of scientific discovery, while the other half languishes in the arms of ancient superstition and but thinly disguised magic.

line 166: The sincere pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth leads to God. And every scientific discovery demonstrates the existence of both freedom and uniformity in the universe. The discoverer was free to make the discovery. The thing discovered is real and apparently uniform, or else it could not have become known as a thing.

line 80: Revealed truth, personally discovered truth, is the supreme delight of the human soul; it is the joint creation of the material mind and the indwelling spirit. The eternal salvation of this truth-discerning and beauty-loving soul is assured by that hunger and thirst for goodness which leads this mortal to develop a singleness of purpose to do the Father's will, to find God and to become like him. There is never conflict between true knowledge and truth. There may be conflict between knowledge and human beliefs, beliefs colored with prejudice, distorted by fear, and dominated by the dread of facing new facts of material discovery or spiritual progress

But religious leaders are making a great mistake when they try to call modern man to spiritual battle with the trumpet blasts of the Middle Ages. Religion must provide itself with new and up-to-date slogans. Neither democracy nor any other political panacea will take the place of spiritual progress. False religions may represent an evasion of reality, but Jesus in his gospel introduced mortal man to the very entrance upon an eternal reality of spiritual progression.


 only the stone wall stood until the Garden was subsequently submerged. This was the second temple of the Father to perish
....hard evidence

Jesus speaks "And so are these unfortunate persons doomed to become frightened by every new discovery, while they are discomfited by every new revelation of truth"

"frightened by every new discovery......discomfited by every new revelation of truth"

"an enlarged revelation of truth and an enhanced demonstration of righteousness"

Note: the connection between a physical discovery and an associated truth and reactions of some people.   Is this physical discovery a sign that is directly related to new truth revelation and the new epoch as prophesied in multiple scriptures?  Is man big enough to explore this discovery of illumination??

Jesus and the Garden prophecy
1Book of Adam and Eve
around 300BC
Full version of the Jesus and the Garden prophecy

10:7-9 When Adam and Eve heard these words from God, they cried a bitter cry; and Adam entreated God to let him return into the garden, and look at it a second time. 8 But God said to Adam, "I have made you a promise; when that promise is fulfilled, I will bring you back into the garden, you and your righteous descendants." 9 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

14:2 But God the Lord said to Adam, "Indeed I say to you, this darkness will pass from you, every day I have determined for you, until the fulfillment of My covenant; when I will save you and bring you back again into the garden, into the house of light you long for, in which there is no darkness*. I will bring you to it -- in the kingdom of heaven."

14:4  But I will. When I shall come down from heaven, and shall become flesh of your descendants, and take on Myself the infirmity from which you suffer, then the darkness that covered you in this cave shall cover Me in the grave, when I am in the flesh of your descendants. 5 And I, who am without years, shall be subject to the reckoning of years, of times, of months, and of days, and I shall be reckoned as one of the sons of men, in order to save you." 6 And God ceased to commune with Adam.

15:1 Then Adam and Eve cried and sorrowed by reason of God's word to them, that they should not return to the garden until the fulfillment of the days decreed on them; but mostly because God had told them that He should suffer for their salvation.


Here is some reflections of 1st Eden found in the bible that reflects the Robert Sarmast Hypothesis of Atlantis and
possibly of the destruction of the other ancient places, Dalamatia and Dilmun..

insert 29th July 07, We are very much down the track of the discoveries of all the original cities.  I also want to add that the reflections of following texts relating to the seal does include the knowledge of all the ancient foundations discovered in the Persian Gulf and in the North Eastern Iran, Vans headquarters.

Book of Jubilees 8:13 "there he was set as a sign"  The seal

Job 38:14 It is turned as clay to the seal.  Another reference to the seal.

Job 38:8 Or who shut up the sea with doors, when it brake forth, as if it had issued out of the womb? The Gibraltar break, cause of the deluge and (1stSept07 could refer to Dilmun as that was submerged as like water coming down from a high wall, rising sea levels.)

Job 38:19 He bindeth the floods from overflowing; and the thing that is hid bringeth he forth to light.  the discovery of 1st Eden, (1stSept07  Including the ancient places in the Persian Gulf and the Seven commands which is the thing that is hid!)

Job 38: 19-20  Where is the way where light dwelleth? and as for darkness, where is the place thereof,  That thou shouldest take it to the bound thereof,  and that thou shouldest know the paths to the house thereof?  Only God knows and will lead his researchers to the discovery of 1st Eden through revealed knowledge. (1stSept07  This including the ancient places in the Persian Gulf and the Seven commands.)

Job 22:16 Which were cut down out of time, whose foundation was overflown with a flood.  Description of the deluge and the destruction of 1st Eden and  other ancient places in the Persian Gulf.

Job 22:30 He shall deliver the island of the innocent: and it is delivered by the pureness of thine hands.  God shall lead his researchers through his direct knowledge contained in a new revelation and it will come from our minds and hands thus the internet.

Job 28:13 Man knoweth not the price thereof; neither is it found in the land of the living.  The purpose of this discovery is wisdom and resolve.

Isaiah 30:8 Now go, write it before them in a table,  and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever:  Instructed to note the event in a book for the future of mankind which is the Urantia book Meant for a distant generation to unlock the great mystery of the our origins and heritage..

Isaiah 30:13-14 Therefore this iniquity shall be to you as a breach ready to fall, swelling out in a high wall, whose breaking cometh suddenly at an instant. 14 And he shall break it as the breaking of the potters' vessel that is broken in pieces; he shall not spare: so that there shall not be found in the bursting of it a sherd to take fire from the hearth, or to take water withal out of the pit.  References to the Gibraltar break and the oncoming deluge of the Mediterranean basin. (The could also be a reflection of the destruction of the Dilmuns)

insert 29th July 07,The above verse can also include the destruction of Babel/Dilmun  which was destroyed by breach of the Sea wall that protected the city, the wall broke and destroyed the Babel/Dilmun due rising sea levels.

  This breach mentioned in Isaiah has strong parallels to the breach of the Gilbraltor Dam which destroyed 1stEden a breach of the Gilbraltor Dam, it also has duality to the breach of Dilmun  more information on Babel/Dilmun

Isaiah 30:27-28 Behold, the name of the Lord cometh from far, burning with his anger, and the burden thereof is heavy: his lips are full of indignation, and his tongue as a devouring fire: 28 And his breath, as an overflowing stream ,  shall reach to the midst of the neck, to sift the nations with the sieve of vanity:  and there shall be a bridle in the jaws of the people, causing them to err.  Description of the oncoming Tsunami understood to be 650ft High and indicates where the flood finished at the Neck of 1st Eden. insert 29th July 07, This also duality the description of the tidal wave that destroyed Dalamatia City which was destroyed by sudden land submergence and by a tidal wave.  Urantia words search "Dalamatia"

Isaiah 30:26 Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people, and healeth the stroke of their wound.  Uses the break metaphorically that indicates an Epochal shift and directly relates the pathway the Sevenfold way or Sevenfold instruction as expressed by Enoch

Revelation 10:7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,  when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Is the Seventh Angel another description of a paradise trinity representative of the central universe who arrives with a company that calls in the completion of the last mystery of God.   Is this unification of all the scriptures in relation to the discovery of the original home of the Gods Adam and Eve, the Sevenfold  parallel or the 7th Seal being loosed as prophesied?   I think so.

The Seventh Corp

Here is an analysis of the book of Enoch provided by Edmund Roach author of The Kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Interesting forum contribution study on the Sevenfold Doctrine, The Urantia Book and Enoch connection.

Here are the requirements for entry in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Insights into healing
Global dimming

Interesting analysis and parallels of Ezekiel, The Urantia Book and Plato on the location of the first Garden of Eden.

Does the extracts of the Book of Jubilees describe the flooding of first Eden of the coast of Cyprus

Is Greek mythology related to Eden?

A very early search in 05 for the lost city of Dalamatia.

Here is an experiment in reading the Bible sideways in a 3d way There could be some interesting threads that are consistent to the scenario,


George Washington's Vision and its possible link to the current timeline. Click here


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