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Quest of the Seven Commands
The Fathers Way

The test of all Faith.

Well thats true, there are vast differences and quite a different culture.

About those Quran texts they don't exactly refer to biblical prophets.

But I was curious about this in relation to this current timeline.


YUSUFALI: Near it is the Garden of Abode.

YUSUFALI: Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!)

YUSUFALI: (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong!

YUSUFALI: For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!

and just some thoughts

The Garden of the Abode (the ancient places, Eden, Dalamatia)
The Lote Tree (The tree of life, the knowledge of the tree of life.)
unspeakable mystery (The journey and the discovery of the ancient places, the refinement of truth.)
Signs of the lord (I think the ancient places are the signs, my opinion what else could they be.)
truly did he see, (The person/s was right in his conviction about what he had seen beforehand as he followed the threads of truth.)

I was wandering if this could be a reflection of this current reality today as we speak looking at all the components.!!

Note: the connection of Garden and the tree of life as seen as the Lote tree enshrouded in light and mystery. Eh! What are we talking about today in discovery and in the word especially in Enoch and the tree of life connections and references to the foundations mentioned also in the bible.

Also this intrigued me in relation to the scenario around these place


YUSUFALI: Say: "I tell you not that with me are the treasures of Allah, nor do I know what is hidden, nor do I tell you I am an angel. I but follow what is revealed to me." Say: "can the blind be held equal to the seeing?" Will ye then consider not?

I feel the treasures of Allah could only be the ancient places or our origins.

All these texts I discovered and recorded but only rediscovered them about 2 weeks ago and upon going over them they seem to have more significants.

the following got me going to


YUSUFALI: The Day that (all) things secret will be tested,

It must be an ancient mystery or huge secrets which houses the treasures of Allah. Something like those 7 commandments tablets would be considered a treasure of Allah and the foundations of old are treasures. It would interesting to do search on tablets in the Quran and see if there is some beforehand insight of the discovery of the tablets, maybe perhaps!

I thought to myself regardless of the test of everything what we see with the foundations and the information leading us to them is in essence a test of everything. Isn't it what are we speaking about, a test of everything. Whatever occurs or comes to pass regarding these places is a test of everything regardless how you see it. To me i see perfection in the whole notion and what is before our eyes.

and then this one


YUSUFALI: Thus truth was confirmed, and all that they did was made of no effect.

Well it seems that whatever the test or standard, "it was confirmed". It makes you think are we in the scenario today in the right timeline with all the right conditions appearing before us?

It also appears to me if I'm seeing this right that whatever was confirmed made no effect, it sounds like a business as usual kind of thing.

but then


YUSUFALI: So the (great ones) were vanquished there and then, and were made to look small.

To me that sounds like adjudication in heaven and on earth.

Further down you appear to have more details of the hour I wonder if there are further clues.


YUSUFALI: They ask thee about the (final) Hour - when will be its appointed time? Say: "The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (alone): None but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you." They ask thee as if thou Wert eager in search thereof: Say: "The knowledge thereof is with Allah (alone), but most men know not."

"It will come to you" Just like that, all things will form a conjunction, all truth will form a oneness. I can see sense in that as one cannot predict the time event. Its impossible to say at this time or that time because its a total faith journey of you, the Father and the books, the books of scripture. Im sure this is the design of the mystery, the construct of faith and reality. Something like that!

Again I see commonality to the scenario in what we have before us and its relation to the places of old and wasted places.

Just know that this post of the Quran is for study and research to see if there are connecting bridges in the current reality view point.

Really speaking in all the research and speaking on a myth and legend level. You have two quests happening.

Like a quest for the Golden Grail in the west


knowledge that pertains to Jamshids seven ringed cup of the immortal elixir of life , the east.

Its like 2 mysteries running parallel in conjunction because there are same thing. All this knowledge and the ancient places have the tree of life all over it!

Then this mystery intersects into Greek Mythology and Plato and descendants of the pre Greeks and its parallels.

Its quite all encompassing and its being tested i believe today as we move forward in time.

here is another interesting one


YUSUFALI: And Moses chose seventy of his people for Our place of meeting: when they were seized with violent quaking, he prayed: "O my Lord! if it had been Thy will Thou couldst have destroyed, long before, both them and me: wouldst Thou destroy us for the deeds of the foolish ones among us? this is no more than Thy trial:by it Thou causest whom Thou wilt to stray, and Thou leadest whom Thou wilt into the right path. Thou art our Protector: so forgive us and give us Thy mercy; for Thou art the best of those who forgive.

Keywords that worked for me was

Seventy, a marker, an identifier of the Father
Place of meeting, the ancient locations
Trial, a test judgment possibly
right path, there is a right path connected to all this
forgive, forgiveness is the key.

Also the theme is about Moses and he is connected with the 10 commandments. Could this be a parallel event in the reality of the ancient places.

Here is another curious one that I found in a keyword search for tablets

YUSUFALI: And [b]We ordained laws for him in the tablets in all matters, both commanding and explaining all things, (and said): "Take and hold these with firmness, and enjoin thy people to hold fast by the best in the precepts: soon shall I show you the homes of the wicked,-[/b] (How they lie desolate)."

In relation to the current discussion and in connection to the 7 commandment tablets of the coast, the keywords that worked for were

We ordained laws, the 7 commandments of Dalamatia
in the tablets, they are inscribed on tablets like mentioned in the UB
commanding, they are commandments, the first laws on this planet.
explaining all things, as it says explaining all things
enjoin thy people, invitation to embrace investigation and research
soon shall I show, coupled with an demonstration..possibly like in discovery of the 7 commandments or of a tablet containing a commandment.

and lastly

YUSUFALI: Those who behave arrogantly on the earth in defiance of right - them will I turn away from My signs: Even if they see all the signs, they will not believe in them; and if they see the way of right conduct, they will not adopt it as the way; but if they see the way of error, that is the way they will adopt. For they have rejected our signs, and failed to take warning from them

really speaks for itself!


YUSUFALI: Respite will I grant unto them: for My scheme is strong (and unfailing).


I wonder if my scheme is the Sevenfold Scheme as in the UB? Link is to long
keyword search Sevenfold Scheme



* line 84: 4. Assistant Teachers. The assistant teachers are the helpers and associates of their fellow seraphim, the teaching counselors. They are also individually connected with the extensive educational enterprises of the local universe, especially with the sevenfold scheme of training operative on the mansion worlds of the local systems. A marvelous corps of this order of seraphim functions on Urantia for the purpose of fostering and furthering the cause of truth and righteousness.

and these things occurring in revealment in my opinion stem from the offices of the Ancient of Days


* line 28: Early in the materialization of the universal creation the sevenfold scheme of the superuniverse organization and government was formulated. The first post-Havona creation was divided into seven stupendous segments, and the headquarters worlds of these superuniverse governments were designed and constructed. The present scheme of administration has existed from near eternity, and the rulers of these seven superuniverses are rightly called Ancients of Days.



I feel combine the best of precepts in all the books where you a have very defined reality picture that reflects all the signs and the coming reality as I can see forward through the scriptures of religion.



SHAKIR: Surely in this are signs for those who examine

SHAKIR: And surely it is on a road that still abides.

SHAKIR: Most surely there is a sign in this for the believers.



YUSUFALI: The seven heavens and the earth, and all beings therein, declare His glory: there is not a thing but celebrates His praise; And yet ye understand not how they declare His glory! Verily He is Oft-Forbear, Most Forgiving!

and the Biblical link to the ancient of Days


Daniel 7:9 I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, (they judged) whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool: his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. 10 A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set, and the books were opened.

the Ancient Days of the Jesus Papers of the Essenes


Are as deep waters,
And the wellspring of love
As a flowing brook.
Yea, it was said in the ancient of days,

And St Ephraim of the Eastern Christian church in 300AD before Islam.



Fifteen Hymns for the Feast of the Epiphany.

Hymn XV. extract 27. "Thy babe is aged, O Virgin,-and Ancient of Days and exalted above all and Adam beside Him is very babe,-and in Him all created things are made new

and The Simultudes of Enoch looking for the ancient of Days and there relation to the ancient places


The Simultudes of Enoch:

'And there I saw One who had a Head of Days [i.e. the Ancient of Days], and his head was white like wool, and with him was another being whose countenance had the appearance of a man whose face was full of graciousness, like one of the holy angels.

And I asked the angel who went with me and showed me all the hidden things, concerning that Son of Man, who he was, and whence he was, and why he went with the Head of Days. And he answered and said unto me,

This is the Son of Man who hath righteousness, with whom dwelleth righteousness, and who reveals all the treasures of that which is hidden, because the Lord of Spirits hath chosen him, and his lot before the Lord of Spirits hath surpassed everything in uprightness for ever.



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Fifteen Hymns for the Feast of the Epiphany.


XV 15. "Great treasure is in thy Son,-and wealth that suffices to make all rich;-for the treasures of kings are impoverished,-but He fails not nor can be measured.


St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn I.


In the pearl of time let us behold that of eternity; for it is in the purse, or in the seal, or in the treasury. Within the gate there are other gates with their locks and keys. Thy pearl hath the High One sealed up as taking account of all.

St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn I.

Glory to Him Who sowed His Light in the darkness, and was reproached in His hidden state, and covered His secret things.

He also stripped and took off from us the clothing of our filthiness.Glory be to Him on high, Who mixed His salt in our minds, His leaven in our souls. His Body became Bread, to quicken our deadness.

St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn I3.


24. When they stand before Thee, the watchers with songs of praise,-they know not in what part, they shall discern Thee.-They have sought Thee above in the height; they have seen Thee below in the depth:-they have searched for Thee in the midst of heaven; they have seen Thee in the midst of the abyss:-they have discerned Thee beside Him that is worshipped; they have found Thee in the midst of the creatures: -they have come down to Thee and sung Glory to Thee.

St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn I3.


Blessed be the Merciful One, who saw the weapon by Paradise, that closed the way to the Tree of Life; and came and took a Body which could suffer, that with the Door, that was in His side, He might open the way into Paradise.

St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn 6.


From Melchizedek, the High Priest, a hyssop came to Thee, a throne and crown from the house of David, a race and family from Abraham.

St Ephraim
The Pearl-Seven Hymns on the Faith
Hymn 6.


Moses carried the tables of stone which the Lord wrote, and Joseph bare about the pure Tablet in whom the Son of the Creator was dwelling. The tables had ceased, because the world was filled with Thy doctrine


Hi Petra

How does it not agree with the bible? and which specific areas do you think it does disagree?

I suppose in time all this will be proven either way. Its like the weighing of words. If all this research is proven wrong then its wrong which is OK I would admit that, I'm not that pride filled to say I'm wrong.

However, if its proven right. What challenges does that pose for man? and will man be able to handle expansion? And what of the information being espoused today how will that change? Has man got courage? This enquiry will determine many things in my view and many things about Christianity may change because of the results of this enquiry and investigation.

I believe we are in the testing agree or not, this is a test of all our words. Either way this progression has started and will go through the timeline and will not stop until its concluded.

Also the references to St Ephraim is part of the Eastern Christian branch which was guided a person called Abner who was in charge of the 70 disciples in the time of Jesus. Most of the his co workers were ex John the Baptists disciples they were a separate group and were part of the Philadelphian church. The problem arose when Abner and Paul disagreed, with the trinity truth. In light of that division two Christian branches began The Western church following the Pauline gospel and then the Abnerian gospel the eastern branch of the Church.

Overtime the eastern branch got run over and became absorbed in Islam and much of the Jesus info within Islam comes from the Abnerian ideas. This is why you have this division of the trinity ideas between Christianity and Islam. There has always been a remnant of this church but because of survival reasons in recent history, the Eastern branch became absorbed by the Catholic church with there ideas.

Also with the Book of Dead excerpts are remnants from Iknanton who basically began the first monotheistic religion in Egypt and departed from the multiple Gods notion of Egypt. There is connections that stems through to the Salem/Abrahamic truth. Iknanton was influenced by Sinuhe who believed in the Abrahamic covenant and the truth of Salem.

That's why fragments can be identified that have reflections of Jesus in that book and also has end time reflections, my view. I'm not sure if they teach this in Bible college. I wouldn't think so perhaps because of exclusivity and possible secularism.

The reason I post up different excerpts from different books is to demonstrate commonality in the focalization of the ancient places. I believe there is commonality amongst all religions. I think its gross error to say I am right, you are wrong and then judge without testing all the research in the timeline of manifestation.

I would keep an open mind on all things because I feel the Father has his own agenda in all things not what we think or speculate. Mind you, im going through this journey in total faith myself guided by the books but before I admit error Im going to give all the scriptures of all the books a vigorous testing.

III find out for myself the truth of the matter through thorough investigation of everything! regardless where truth lays as long as its truth and nothing but.

Also note that when the end the signs appear, it was also seen that no one will respond including many individuals and leaders in churches and of all religions. Much of the call in the initial stages will be rejected or not even researched by the scholars. Most of the body will ignore it probably through fear and crystallization. Its a total faith journey and you cant expect man to have much faith in this kind of thing, not even most of the religious types. That's why I would not cast aside this type of research because it could be right but it could be wrong???? Either way its a valid enquiry.

Apparently during judgment when the angel calls the mystery finished there is much regret within the churches for not responding to the call. This was seen particularly by the Mormons in there end times prophecy whether you believe them or not.

However this judgment process is not a nice walk in the park or like going to a church meeting on a nice day. This mystery is designed to test all mankind, to test all mans faith including all the churches and all the religions of the world and its very rigorous and tough. The mystery is the journey of faith that will challenge everything, the books, mans faith, his knowledge, his history just everything. Mans deepest thoughts and motives will be searched.

There will many disappointments within the churches where they wont get prizes because of the lack of faith in the judgment process. Nothing bad will happen to the church but it will be corrected in areas where there is weakness.

Well that's I reckon as one scenario out of quite a few presented.

Even the leaders of all faiths are being tested as we speak today! I wouldn't underestimate anything these days. Nothing at all. Anything can happen at anytime particularly since the images of the ancient places have been released with associated research drawing from all things not just one book or one compile of information.

Its like the sorting of the wheat and chaff and mans faith is the test, it is the mystery and all man will go through this tough testing period. No matter who or where they hail from!

I feel the ancient places are the great sign of the times and will be used to test the motives and the faith of man in his relationship with the Father and towards one another where all things are tested and I believe the conditions are right in the timeline of reality and prophecy.

Most of the parables of Jesus was about the end times, I think in his mind he was interested in the final conclusion and gave the best advise for mankind in this time now in the parables. The parables offer the very best advise for the attitude to have in this testing period right now! If there was something I would adhere to that was simple of understand it would be the parables of Jesus.

The Father already knows how miserable and lacking the response will be from his church at the call of the seventh mystery and that's why he may call in the whole mystery at anytime soon in the timeline. When that mystery is called in in its will be too late to back track.

In saying this he will be merciful and companionate to his people even in error, because its in the motivation and he understands that people believe in things that they are told to and many people don't research all of the threads because of doctrinal fear which can limit the faith walk in the Father as Jesus showed in his example and in the words that he expressed displaying no fear and a willingness to look at things and enquire!


All these scriptures in  this thread and the Babel thread are the fragments I feel have relationship with these ancient sites, indirectly and directly. The scriptures and other information is the basis for "the test of everything" essentially.

The  main standards of the test in the physical level would be the verification of these ancient places of Iran with approved standards of  discovery where the recovery of the 7 commands could be recovered, the  discovery of the 7 commands tablets.

By posting the following forms a condition of passing the test. I'm testing this UB extract.

We should expect to find the seven commandments in the lost city of Dalamatia as directed in the Urantia Book.


Among the later students trained in Mesopotamia for work with their respective races were Andonites from the highlands of western India together with representatives of the red men and the blue men; still later a small number of the yellow race were also received.

Hap presented the early races with a moral law. This code was known as "The Father's Way" and consisted of the following seven commands:

(these following commands maybe recovered in Dalamatia written in the Dalamatian Language, the first language consisting of 25 scripts.)

    1. You shall not fear nor serve any God but the Father of all.

    2. You shall not disobey the Father's Son, the world's ruler, nor show disrespect to his superhuman associates.

    3. You shall not speak a lie when called before the judges of the people.

    4. You shall not kill men, women, or children.

    5. You shall not steal your neighbor's goods or cattle.

    6. You shall not touch your friend's wife.

    7. You shall not show disrespect to your parents or to the elders of the tribe.

This was the law of Dalamatia for almost three hundred thousand years. And many of the stones on which this law was inscribed now lie beneath the waters off the shores of Mesopotamia and Persia. It became the custom to hold one of these commands in mind for each day of the week, using it for salutations and mealtime thanksgiving.

This is following clues that lead to 7 commands, found in 2 places of Mesopotamia where Dalamatia is located and in Dilmun close to Persia.

"And many of the stones on which this law"


"inscribed now lie beneath the waters off the shores of Mesopotamia and Persia.

The Seven commands are located in both locations.

And many of the stones on which this law was inscribed now lie beneath the waters off the shores of Mesopotamia and Persia.

Now note "many of the stones" used in the plural so there must be many stones with the law of Seven commands or III say tablets to be found in both these locations in Dalamatia and in Dilmun of the coast of Persia.

Also notice how the UB mentions two locations as discovered with all the connecting clues!

and Im testing this following UB excerpt


4. The faculty on dissemination and conservation of knowledge. This group organized and directed the purely educational endeavors of those early ages. It was presided over by Fad. The educational methods of Fad consisted in supervision of employment accompanied by instruction in improved methods of labor. Fad formulated the first alphabetand introduced a writing system. This alphabet contained twenty-five characters. For writing material these early peoples utilized tree barks, clay tablets, stone slabs, a form of parchment made of hammered hides, and a crude form of paperlike material made from wasps' nests. The Dalamatia library, destroyed soon after the Caligastia disaffection, comprised more than two million separate records and was known as the "house of Fad."

The blue man was partial to alphabet writing and made the greatest progress along such lines. The red man preferred pictorial writing, while the yellow races drifted into the use of symbols for words and ideas, much like those they now employ. But the alphabet and much more was subsequently lost to the world

Page 747 during the confusion attendant upon rebellion. The Caligastia defection destroyed the hope of the world for a universal language, at least for untold ages

What I was interested in was "The house of Fad" in Dalamatia. I sense from reading the following is that we should expect to find some stone slabs with the law of the 7 commandments inscribed on them. In addition there maybe some clay tablets and perhaps remnants of the "House of Fad" hard to know what lays there until we are there.

Now if we find the "House of Fad" in Dalamatia and stone slabs with the 7 commandments written on them in there alphabet which can be deciphered then we will know the written language of Dalamatia.

That would be clear evidence of proof of the research and presents the Urantia Book as an authentic book and written in the hand of the Father with the help of his spiritual helpers...surely!

What are the odds of finding the 7 commandments in this day and age all seen beforehand and guided by a book alone in the final episode in the saga of mankind.

In regards to the Babel location and Dilmun I would expect something similar in but much later in the timeline like 10,000 years ago when that city built on a peninsula and had walls like Dalamatia for farming and animal husbandry. The city was submerged in the Persian Gulf I reckon about 10,000 years from 600BC It also may have possible timeline links to the Atlantis story in the timeline but we wont go into that although take note of the circular shape and use it as the identifier or marker.

Anyway again this is one scenario out of many. However in this example we have a live situation in discovery and through the scriptures and the best part everyone can hold on there faith.

Don't be surprised if those stone slabs are like the blocks of Baalbek in Lebanon with huge inscriptions that could hopefully rigor the test of 150,000 years of environmental damage. Hopefully the writing can be identified.

Just seems like Indiana Jones stuff but in a real planetary journey through the scriptures of all religions. I mean to say this is tree of life stuff happening here, its the real holy grail, jamshids cup and all knowledge forming a conjunction in a very real way its all part of the refinement of knowledge.

I mean here is a glimpse

and then the glimpse of Babel which was huge. There could contain massive blocks of stone neatly aligned. Possibly have to go there.

another view of Babel

Consider this the ring you see the Kings holding in the Sumerian tablets is probably representative of the shrine of Dilmun (Babel) Dilmun and has all to do with Enki in the story of Gilgamesh.

Note the ring Enki is holding. Is that the sign of Dilmun. Always remember the myths and legends of Dilmun of the Gods originated from Dalamatia all the reflections of Dilmun regarding the paradise of the Gods and the bright ones in Anduruna where the Gods play are all reflections of Dalamatia adopted by Dilmun. Yet Dilmun was built by the fallen gods and did commingle with there followers and created the Nodite race. I suppose in reflection Dilmun is also a place where the Gods played but in a fallen state. Dilmun is the origins of the Nodites in the land of Nod.

Know look at the circular object on the pedestal and draw the comparison to the circular temple or shrine of Babel Dilmun. This reflection in this Sumerian tablet is a reflection of Dilmun and its shrine but has origins further back to Dalamatia. The original home of the Gods before the fall. Think to the reflections of circular city Atlantis and destructive deluge 10,000 years ago from 600BC as recorded by Plato, could this be description of Atlantis by the Egyptian priests really be the description of the shrine in Dilmun as described by Enki? One in the same circular object?

And note the ring of power Enki is holding, the ring of Dilmun, ensign of the shrine also note the Rod. Is that representative of the isthmus of Dilmun kind of like a map with the circle of Babel in his hand?

here are extracts from Enki who describes Dilmun and does connect with the images


"...Bit-Iakin on the shore of the Bitter Sea, as far as Dilmun's border- all these I brought under one rule..." (p. 335. Potts)

"...Uperi, king of Dilmun, whose camp is situated, like a fish, thirty beru (double-hours) away in the midst of the sea of the rising sun..." (p. 334. Potts)

Hymns to Enki, who resided at Eridu, stated that the city was at the edge of _the sea_ and the shadow cast by its fruit trees panted by his shrine fell upon the nearby snake marsh.

The Mesopotamians called the salt-marshes marattu meaning "bitter" (marah = bitter), perhaps the Hawr Hammar preserves in Arabic the earlier Mesopotamian marattu ?

(Seems almost to match dilmun, submerged Northeastern Persian Gulf.)

The outline of Dilmun does have a North South aspect and if it did reside on a peninsula backed by freshwater bays and quays it would of been literally seen as in the midst of the sea. appearing to be jutting out in the sea of water on spit of land or a isthmus. It also makes reference to his shrine Babel which of course was close to the sea on the spit of land within Dilmun. This shrine Enki makes reference to is the tower of Babel being of a circular structure, raised and close to the sea and is evident in the images;. The Design of Dilmun including the Circular temple and the walls of Dilmun does look like a fish jutting out into the midst of the sea on an isthmus.

His fruit trees cast shadows upon his shrine, upon examination there is a walled area close to the shrine where farming would of taken place, this would be next to the shrine, like the Kings Gardens. When you look to the North of the shrine there are walls that run for miles fully enclosed and used for protection, farming and produce. Also the Shrine is adjacent to the Snake marsh or a body of water close by it. The walls seem to be next to the snake marsh that extended to the marshy swamp area to the North.

Note that Dalamatia has the same rectangular walled area used for growing produce.

Also the City of Dilmun, possibly on a isthmus in the North South aspect looks like a fish, the outline of Dilmun looks like an actual fish. With protection all around. Also the snake marsh could be the depressed area on the eastern side of the walls. It appears that Dilmun was almost surrounded by water, swamp marshes lakes and lagoons. It was a well protected commercial centre.

Here is an aspect of the possible isthmus where Dilmun and the tower of Babel was built upon.


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The Quest for the Seven Commands
"The Fathers way" 7/2/07 at 7:02 am made public

The test of all faith

A worthy quest for the ancient tablets of the Seven commands in the test of everything. Presented to the world when the Fathers way tablets are found of coast of Persia and Mesopotamia.  If that is the case it will be worthy of research and study for future generations as they see the trail in all the books of faith, working together in tandem, and in oneness and unification as we discover the foundations where the 7 commands lay and have the last word.

I propose an expedition to both location of Dalamatia, Dilmun and Babel to recover the 7 commands and confirmation of the Dalamatian language.  I call this expedition of all the places the "Quest for the Seven commands" presented through the books of religion to a final singular unification of all the books in relation to the ancient places in discovery.  This quest is for the future destiny of mankind thus entering a new epoch of enlightenment in the unification of God and man.

How symbolic is that? the seven commands have the last say but it could be the beginning. Commands directly from the Father where the original tablets (Hopefully written on large stone slabs) written in the hands of the "Sons of Gods in Dalamatia when there was harmony.

It could be symbolic of the book of life? the seven commands, the Fathers way?

It seems so fitting that the sevens commands should be found there in two locations, a double confirmation.

Ive just noticed the time stamp of the post and the sequence of 7s in the time and date. It seems to have the official 7s (The Fathers) marker. I feel this was a small timeline experience only realizing later, much of this research has happened that way.

Maybe this is the "7 Seal of the Father"?

In our timeline experience.

Here is a link to various scriptures that caught my eye. All the thoughts are my own and are seen in view of the search for Eden at the time. However, all these thoughts does relate to the submerged ancient places in the Persian Gulf. Also many other things can be seen in these scriptures but I'm only viewing them in light of 1stEden but they do apply to the other submerged places.


Here is the Fathers way from the Urantia Book.  In the following is what we expect to find inscribed on stone slabs submerged.  The Fathers Way.


The Fathers way and the basis to the "Quest of the Seven commands"


Hap presented the early races with a moral law. This code was known as "The Father's Way" and consisted of the following seven commands:

1. You shall not fear nor serve any God but the Father of all.

2. You shall not disobey the Father's Son, the world's ruler, nor show disrespect to his superhuman associates.

3. You shall not speak a lie when called before the judges of the people.

4. You shall not kill men, women, or children.

5. You shall not steal your neighbor's goods or cattle.

6. You shall not touch your friend's wife.

7. You shall not show disrespect to your parents or to the elders of the tribe.

This was the law of Dalamatia for almost three hundred thousand years. And many of the stones on which this law was inscribed now lie beneath the waters off the shores of Mesopotamia and Persia. It became the custom to hold one of these commands in mind for each day of the week, using it for salutations and mealtime thanksgiving.

I thought this was fascinating


Egyptian Book of the Dead
Hail, thou God Temu, (habbukak 3) grant thou unto me the sweet breath which dwelleth in thy nostrils! I am the Egg which is in Kenken-ur (the Great Cackler), and I watch and guard that mighty thing which hath come into being, wherewith the god Keb hath opened the earth. I live; it liveth; I grow, I live, I snuff the air. I am the god Utcha-aabet, and I go about his egg. I shine at the moment of the mighty of strength, Suti. Hail, thou who makest sweet the time of the Two Lands! Hail, dweller among the celestial food. (Celestial food "Tree of Life") Hail, dweller among the beings of blue ,(A clear description of the violet race, Adam and Eve's progeny) watch ye to protect him that is in his nest, the Child who cometh forth to you. The child sounds like Jesus and he did live in Egypt and there is some connection with Iknantons remnants of that one God religion.

"Hail, thou who makest sweet the time of the Two Lands" Seems like a reference to the two original temple which housed the tree of life. and its association with the tree of life. I go about his egg Could that be a reference to the seven commands? The Egg would akin to something very precious like the Seven commands.  This why Sevens is widespread in all the books of religion regarding this research.

Then "I shine at the moment of the mighty of strength," He shines with strength as in conviction. Makest sweet to the times of the two lands, I understand it could be a reference upper and lower Egypt but it could have wider ramifications. Like raising the knowledge of the 2 lands as we see today.

"dweller among the celestial food." Absolute clear reference to the tree of life and its association with the one how maketh the sweet times of the two lands. I would suggest the resurrection of the memory of the original places that housed the tree of life, Adam and Eve and the Sons of God in the sweet time. 1stEden and Dalamatia.

Im reviewing the Seal collection in the above link. I must say that since I am down the timeline at this junction speaking now of all the places, I see so much more. Those early thoughts were very accurate in many ways.

Here is a Bible code 2 interpretation I did well over a year ago and look at where we are at with respect to the

Quest of the Seven commands
"The Fathers Way"

Just proclaimed today.


In the following could what we expect look into an old interpretation of the Bible code 2

The following thoughts on the Bible code 2 was just read and posted without any edit from the seal link. Remember this what I feel over a year ago and look where we are at in proclamation of the Seven commands. The tablets and the language of Dalamatia as revealed in the books.


Bible code 2

I thought I would share this.

I've been reading the bible code 2. I found it an interesting book. Whilst much of it was involved in politics and in its relation to the code. I was particularly drawn to the chapter 6 "The Steel Ark". and currently checking out Chapter 4 "IT exists"

I found the interpretation of the author interesting and compelling but deep down in my heart I felt he had uncovered the discovery of Atlantis or 1st Eden (The Urantia) and describing the actual discovery.

For example he found words in both the Torah and Bible that overlapped.

However, Before I go on you have to read the book Bible code 2 and draw your own conclusion. The Author feels the area of his search is in Lisan in the Dead sea, North. However I feel its the Cyprus location.

The words he has discovered that overlap are words that intrigued me was:

"Steel Ark" A boat
"Pillar in the palace"
"All the wisdom"
"to the north"
"Ark of Steel"
"Its container is deep, the hiding place"
"It reveals deep an secret things"
"The Lisan" which means language"
"cross welded"
"steel viechle" "he threw into the sea"
"tel" (which means archaeological)
"tel of obelisks"
"Lisan, tongue of the sea"
"It exists in Lisan"
"This is the solution"

To me ark of steel is a boat with uses a sensor at an archaeological site called a tel. The pillars of the wisdom of all mankind is somehow linked to the object of the expedition, its container is deep and hidden, the hiding place and therein lays the solution. You have a "sensor" like an R.O.V going down to the "tel" (archaeological site) an artifact taken from the Hill which perhaps resembles a record of some sort that could be deciphered that may be linked to the origins of mankind.

Lisan means language and "its in our language, meaning the mystery of this place in all our books, sevenfold books in my view. The find, or artifact is in the palace "The Acropolis Hill". "Tongue of the sea" Could mean the land jutting into the sea, a description of the sunken Atlantis/Eden peninsula and it could be the message coming from the sea that is in the new book, the opened book, the discovery and the book, the new book, the new revelation another activation of the seal!....maybe.

In chapter 4 the author refers back to Lisan and describes something that could be activated by the discovery of this, im still reading it.

At the end of chapter 2 it the author relates the code "in the Lisan Peninsula" and below it "The End of Days" and in the same place in the bible "For you and your children after you, in order that you will prolong your days on Earth".

Bizarre as it seems but in chapter 2 he speaks of the "End of days" which is in all the codes, finishing in 2006. Certainly raises the ante when you consider all the research surrounding this location. Also the decoder who discovered the bible code is named in the code.

In chapter 2 there is much emphasis on.


"The Dictionary, and it was opened"
"Dictionary of the obelisks"
"The tablet vitalized the obelisk"
"Laws of language"

It could mean The books are opened, A new book like "a dictionary" This new book written by God himself or a tablet is related and connected to a discovery that is undeniable. I think the Cyprus/Atlantis/Eden location seems to confirm from what is already known about this place, from a related book. This new book reveals the origins of language or the origins of man which includes language, the laws of language or even of God. I think the Urantia Book

Could all this be in reality an overview of a book (The Urantia Book) and a physical relationship with a physical discovery of Cyprus? Through by the discovery of it, reveals a very strong parallel, a new revelation, a new sense of understanding.

Is this whole description of the whole journey. A puzzle coming together a unification as prophesied in all the scripts and now in Bible and Torah code not to mention the Hitomi code which appears to be pointing to this place. The Garden of Eden, the origins of the Gods the link between heaven and Earth.

Is 2006, the year for this completion of knowledge a unification in the widest sense. I perceive this to a very real reality going on here. The Bible code seems to suggest that there is a completion a foot, in our language.

Does this mean the oncoming of the terminal end of this age, with the advent of the new 6th Epochal revelation??? Are we in the twilight zone of discovery and fulfillment?

This book is getting really interesting and compelling.

The Bible code was published in 2002, 2 years before the Cyprus/Atlantis discovery occurred.

How uncanny was that and how relevant is it today going over them right now and considering was what proclaimed earlier today in relation to the "Quest for the Seven commands"


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Many people really deny the power of the Holy Spirit and seem to prop up fear in your use of demons. Demons have no power since Pentecost at all, only what fear people give to them. Also the spiritual administration has changed since Pentecost. All demons are interned except one but I feel that time drawing to an end.

Lets do a study on the deception in the end days. That would be more constructive to the things we are debating.

III start it off

Like I said previously its not the places, its the attitude or the motive that could be used in these ancient places that could be used in the wrong way. Like a person could use the discovery of the ancient places for self purpose. Like disregard the information that led to the place. They may claim the ancient place to there religion and claim some prophet hood sent by God and deceive the world therefore defiling the temple in some self vain glorious way, Dalamatia was a city that had an ancient temple. In essence, its holy ground and can be defiled if its used in the wrong way particularly to deceive people.

Now consider the religious tensions over there and the feelings of desperation which includes extremism. Think of "who" over there could proclaim himself through the ancient places?? Particularly religious leaders! The reason I say that its for protection of the truth that these thoughts are shared so we can see the timeline as things appear and perhaps see prophecy come to pass! But we know the truth and the concerns beforehand and we are testing it along the way.

This is very hot information and can be used in the wrong way. As for me I'm sharing my scenario of the End Times of the Epoch in my studies of all the books. I'm testing my material with the you since your the only one that replies plus Coulter and Petra. There will come a time when this test will be done. Cant go forever and personally I think if ever there was a time it could be now or real soon.

Isaiah instructs us to prophecy when you see the signs. This scenario I believe details all the constructs and elements that it fulfills many things in the right conditions.

There is definitely judgment or some change connected to the ancient places. III definitely stand by my research. I believe the Seven commands has something to do with it. It just seems so logical to me, makes all sense!

Nothing conflicts in the search for the ancient places. I have seen all the clues, well most of them and they don't conflict and they all speak of the foundations of old and of what is hidden is found and many more things All these things form a combined harmonization of all levels of knowledge.

Anyway have a think about the motives and its possible connection to deception.

What I present is honest research in the books. If we don't find the tablets or the city when there diving then I'm wrong. I would admit that. However If we do the 7 commands as in the UB then the information is just spot on.

Right on and has always been right on target. That would conclude the debate and change many things.

The Quest for the 7 commands
The Fathers Way
the test of everything

or the "Test of All Faith"

Absolutely with conviction. The Father in heaven, creator of all Heaven and Earth.

This I believe is the source of all things that have occurred. This is bigger than sliced bread. Everyone would literally be silenced as these Seven commands are read out and broadcast literally to the world and fulfill all prophecy. Doesn't that just make sense? How could this be a deception in the harmonisation of scripture and other information along with science. Working together to find out the fact of the matter even scripture endorses that. Reading out the Seven commandments the object, of the search for the hidden tablets (Stone slabs). Found exactly where they should be!

There is nothing on the planet that compares to this and mind you I feel there is judgment attached or some change and I think its knowledge on all levels pointing to something very obvious.

Also can you tell me about it, the unknown church???