The Ark of his testament

Directions to the ark of his testament on the Acropolis Hill


Note: we will know soon enough whether the following will come to pass also consider this analysis began before the discovery of Dalamatia, Dilmun and Babel. I also believe that the "Stone cut out of the mountain" mentioned by Daniel is the discovery of the Seven commands in either Dalamatia or in Babel, Dilmun.  The knowledge of the Stone cut out of the mountain will fill the whole earth.  Like the discovery of the Seven commands!


In the following is an analysis I did back in the timeline before the Robert Sarmast 2nd expedition to 1stEden of Cyprus and before the other ancient places in the Persian Gulf was discovered by Sevens.


When you study the following expand the following interpretation to include the Quest for the Seven commands and where we are now in the timeline.  In the following you will notice references to  the "Giver of winds" and "the flint" with his name on it.  These fragment I feel point directly to the Seven command proposal of the thing that is hidden. Also note there is direct reference to this flint being buried and for a future discovery.


The Egyptians knew all about Dalamatia and called the city Dilmat, The original paradise of the Gods.  Now that we are further in the time line and have discovered the locations of Dalamatia and Dilmun in the Persian Gulf  we can apply the following references to 1Eden to include Dalamatia and by proxy to Dilmun as the 7 commands may exist in Babel.  The Maat from what I understand is the law of the God, The maat, the laws or the 7 Commands are buried and inscribed on flint or stone tablets buried in a vault, this you may find as you read on.

What if...

Below maybe a clear instruction found in revelations about the location and where to look for the stone or artifact.  Lets say a Map.  This map can be found in the  Egyptian book of the Dead not to mention all the other books that point or mention the altar area, All basically speak of a location close to the altar perhaps near a spring where the ark of his testament may lay.  In the following scripts include a study of certain verses in revelation and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.  I interpret these to see if there possible mystery lays on top of the Acropolis Hill that could resemble an Ark of some sort, perhaps.  Could it be the Ark of his Testament perhaps the original Ark.


Lets see if it all fulfills.  Certainly an unfolding mystery for the planet.


Does this verse contain the actual directions to the a very old ark which was the original.  Could it be possible that the 2nd Expedition will locate a vault near the altar that contains the ark of the Gods testament.  What a mystery!!!.


1And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. 2 But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.
reed like unto a rod:   a reed, like a life line that is connected to a R.O.V, the rod, the measuring stick measuring the temple.
measure the temple of God, and the altar: Measure the temple, around the altar area there should be spring outlet close by and canals close by.
But the court which is without the temple leave out, [1] and measure it not;  leave out the courtyard there's nothing of value there.  Whilst fascinating its probably to damaged.
the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months.
Looks there maybe a few expeditions after this that might go for 3.5 years or it could mean that the 3.5 years is up by the end of the year.  from the book to the documentary, the beginning process to the end process..
and in the same chapter.
19 And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.
the temple of God was opened in heaven: The actual temple on the Acropolis Hill was studied and its mystery was opened.  Its a conjoint effort of Heaven and Earth, The temple in heaven and the original temple on Earth.
there was seen in his temple the ark of his testament: Near the Altar there was discovered "The Ark of his testament" The Evidence, the proof, yeah!!.  The discovery activating the seal in the temple and as a response heaven activates and responds as described in the following.
there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail. Heaven responds to the discovery with all kinds of things.  It may be a personal experience and the extension of that.  ???mystery.
Possibly physical clues leading to the Acropolis Hill, that's where to look. In this temple area, not the courtyard.
Perhaps God knowing time is a premium on this expedition is probably helping us out by giving directions to the location of the ark of his testament and at the same time harmonising it with aspects of the temple in heaven.  
Remembering we are talking about a stone temple discovered of Cyprus, the original throne of God, the physical and spiritual connection.  The same association is again made to another temple in heaven, a re-establishment and endorsement and at the same time directions to the location a blue print, a map.  All physical reality aspects seem to be falling into place in accordance to the fields set in all these farseeing prophecies. As in heaven on Earth you could say.  But thats where Heaven and Earth meet submerged at the discovery of the "Ark of his testament".

Here some more info that is attached to the temple, see what happens eh!!.

Revelations 14 The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly. 15 And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever. 16 And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, 17 Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because thou hast taken to thee thy great power, and hast reigned. 18

(note the seventh angel again in my view its the Sevenfold representative of the Paradise Trinity from the Central universe, Paradise.  Is this first and second call of the sevenfold angel really the one call ?  soon find out eh! see what happens.)

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Its sounds like Judgement , full on time.

Dates of potential activation

also here is the sounding of the end of the mystery


10And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire: 2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth, 3 And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried,

 seven thunders uttered their voices. 4 And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. 5 And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven, 6 And sware by him that liveth for ever and ever, who created heaven, and the things that therein are, and the earth, and the things that therein are, and the sea, and the things which are therein, that there should be time no longer: 7 But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

Intriguing thought and possible reality if its the truth.. Going by faith. we will soon find out.  Right here and right now and Cyprus could be the biggest things on the planet.   The test is in the process.  I could be right or wrong.
If this is a true discovery of the ark of the testament and is a true reality going on here then this is big and was discovered in the scriptures beforehand.  This is worth more than anything and when/if the original ark of his testament is discovered then this discovery is priceless thing as found in Job 38.  This would really change things for us all.
Also check out Egyptian book of the dead extract about the temple area and its description of the same place, same temple, same thing.  Unbelievable but believable.  And check out the Jesus/Iknanton link.

My hiding place is opened, my hiding place is opened. (Opened by the discovery of 1st Eden and specifically the hiding place being the vault near the altar the "Ark of his testament".)
The Spirits fall headlong in the darkness, (Sounds like a change, a shift, a paradigm shift. maybe implying judgement.)
but the Eye of Horus hath made me holy, and Upuati hath nursed me. I will hide myself among you, (Horus being another description of Jesus through the Egyptian /Joseph iknanton line  behind the Eye of Horus is a reference to the garden land of the gods and the wisdom of the Jesus/The Father/The Urantia.  The exercise of faith in the journey through the text has made us suitable candidates to find this place in our own way.  It is in our hearts Jesus hides himself, in us that's where man doesn't look.
O ye stars which are imperishable. My way is like the way of Ra. My face is open. My heart-case is upon its throne, (Respect to the ancients, the stars, ancient of days,  Describing the location, the face looking land, the submerged location. My heart case is open.  The ark  of his testament is discovered in a vault and its near the altar on the throne.  Its all laid before us, the seal has been activated, the mystery is open.  The truth is realizing itself.
I know how to utter words. (Uttering his words through the Urantia Book and other books associated and with a discovery, all the books including the bible all the Psuedographia books and the book of the dead, all the books.)

In very truth I am Ra himself. I am not a man of no account. I am not a man to whom violence can be done. Thy father liveth for thee, O son of Nut. I am thy son, O great one, 
Could this be a description of Jesus the father and the Son.
I have seen the hidden things which are thine. Jesus actually commenting about the hidden thing, the purpose of the discovery. A clear reference to reference to 1st EdenJesus is the capstone of this discovery, the sovereign.    
I am crowned upon my throne like the king of the gods.
Jesus the Sovereign. 
I shall not die a
second time in Khert-Neter.(The Jesus Link) (Clear reflection to the death of Jesus and clearly implies he is resurrected and will not die a second time.  If that isn't Jesus! Its him and associating himself with the discovery of the isle of Maati.  1Eden.


An extract from the  Egyptian book of the dead extract

And thou shalt perform whatsoever [is written in] this book on behalf of the deceased,
(can be taken as a reflection of those who died in the Mediterranean deluge.) (message from the submerged plain symbolically from the deceased who desire for this realisation.)
who shall thereby become perfect and pure. And thou shalt "open his mouth"
(through a discovery) with the instrument of iron. (Who understand the knowledge behind this discovery and all the mind, body and spirit endeavour to do a good Job to see this unfold. With the right spirit we are led through realities to the temple with the right message and motive.  The Vault will be opened by an R.O.V an instrument of Iron.  Sounds like a discovery through a R.O.V. like cut without hands Daniel 2 "stone")
And thou shalt write down these things in accordance with the instructions which are found in the books of Prince Herutataf, who discovered them in a secret coffer
(could this mean a discovery in a vaultBible code 2 prophecy) (now they were in the handwriting of the god [Thoth] himself (like the Urantia Book in the hand of the Gods Garden of Eden)
and had been deposited in the Temple
(the Acropolis Hill, that  is where the artifact is hidden in the temple near the altar.)
of the goddess Unnut, the Lady of Unu) during a journey which he was making in order to inspect the temples, and the temple-estates, and the sanctuaries of the gods. (Lady Unu, the Goddess, reference to Eden also fragment of the mother goddess religion, The artifact is near temples and sanctuaries. The Garden of the Gods)
And thou shalt perform these ceremonies secretly in the Tuat-chamber of the tomb, for they are mysteries of the Tuat,
(The great mystery, the book, the discovery and the ark.  What a movie., The Sevenfold mystery)
and they are symbolic
(note all practices are symbolic of the distant past of a great nation that went down in the pit and of the truth.)
of the things which are done in Khert-Neter.

the secrets of the Tuat being revealed?

What you read was a huge prophecy of the 1st Garden of Eden and its discovery and its personal with connection with God.  A book that is written in the hand of God is also mentioned.  It also leads me to believe that an object of discovery exists there in a vault and things must be done first in order to activate the discovery.  I believe the ark of his Testamony is the discovery of this stone or flint which has relations to the crown, the spiritual treasure house of the planet that we are being led to.  Its a picture of the journey back to our origins.

and another

O my father Osiris, thou hast done for me that which thy father Ra did for thee. Let me abide upon the earth permanently. Let me keep possession of my throne. Let my heir be strong. Let my tomb, and my friends who are upon the earth, flourish. The discovery and what is discovered and infers that it is submerged and infers great blessings to the friends of the discovery.

Let my enemies be given over to destruction, and to the shackles of the goddess Serq. sounds like judgment

I am thy son. Ra is my father. On me likewise thou hast conferred life, strength, and health. Horus is established upon his tomb. Grant thou that the days of my life may come unto worship and honour.   All sounds like Jesus has established his sovereignty and the adjudication of Set (Lucifer) as been completed.  There also appears to be reflections of sunken Eden or the isle of Maati in relation to the tomb.

main3marked.jpg (28kb)

and similiar section but there is difference in relation to hidden artifact.


And thou shalt write down these things in accordance with the instructions which are found in the books of Prince Herutataf, who discovered them in a secret coffer (now they were in the handwriting of the god [Thoth] himself and had been deposited in the Temple of the goddess Unnut, the Lady of Unu) during a journey which he was making in order to inspect the temples, and the temple-estates, and the sanctuaries of the gods.
during a journey to isle of the Gods that  is now sunken and now discovered of Cyprus???  Is there some written information about an artifact hidden in a secret coffer that will be discovered in the next expedition?? Could be intriguing to see what manifests.  That would be certainly a miracle considering the damage to the place from the Tsunami.  You never know this whole journey has been one great mystery in itself.

And thou shalt perform these ceremonies secretly in the Tuat-chamber of the tomb, for they are mysteries of the Tuat, and they are symbolic of the things which are done in Khert-Neter. what is hidden and where it may be found.  On top of the Acropolis hill in a tomb or part of a temple.  Perhaps inscriptions in stone that is part of the temple?? or maybe The original Ark.   Anything is possible and anything could be preserved especially for this occasion considering what this place represents.  In addition note the Tuat-chamber of the tomb there seems to be a chamber, special chamber that may contain the artifact.

And thou shalt say: I have come, I have advanced hastily. I cast light upon his (the deceased's) footsteps. I am hidden, but I cast light upon his hidden place.  Job 38
Practically tells you that his place that is hidden, submerged and will be rediscovered through his information which has been fulfilled.  His light is his word which is all the books that point to this place especially The Urantia Book, the new revelation.  The chamber will be opened and light will be cast  onto his hidden artifact.

I stand up close to the Tet. I stand up close to the Tet of Ra, I turn back the slaughter. The turning back of the slaughter may indicate the change of an Epoch. and end of an age and and the beginning of a new age.

I am protecting thee, O Osiris.
It has the decree and approval of the universe.  This whole revealment.

In the following seems to be an image of the temple similar to description of Ezekiels temple.  other links 12 gates description, new temple (The urantia Book),   Enoch temple


THE OSIRIS AUFANKH, WHOSE WORD IS TRUTH, SAITH: Hail, saith Horus, O Twenty-first (21st century) pylon of the Still-Heart! I have made the way. I know thee. I know thy name. I know the name of the goddess who guardeth thee. "Sword that smiteth at the utterance of its own name, stinking face, overthrower of him that approacheth her flame" is thy name. Thou keepest the hidden things of the avenger of the god, thou guardest them. Amam is his name. He maketh the ash trees (cedars) (Lebanon 1st Eden) not to grow, and the shenu trees (acacias) not to blossom, (Egypt was affected) and preventeth copper from being found in the mountain. (Obviously speaking about Cyprus) The Tchatcha (Chiefs) of this Pylon are Seven Gods. (Revelation 1:17 Seven stars)(The Sevenfold paradise trinity, I wonder) Tchen, or Anthch (At), is the name of the one at the door. (Gee would this be a mark at the door of a vault near the alter on the acropolis Hill)  Hetepmes is the name of another there. Messep is the name of another there. Utchara is the name of another there. Beq is the name of another there. Anp (Anubis) is the name of another there. (Are these the seven seals which is the mark of the tomb door where the Ark of his testament can be found??? Near the Altar??  You know the loosening of the Seven Seals as in revelations. If this is the case, this is is massive, all beforehand. )  ....a walk in faith, stepping into the unknown but known....lets see what comes to pass.)

All has the hallmarks of Cyprus and mentioned in every aspect and more specifically  information which seems to link with revelations regarding the loosening of the Seven seals.  What a match. 


Other aspects I was drawn to

O Twenty-first pylon of the Still-Heart! (21st century, today and no people are not aware of this
I have made the way: I have layed the path through all my books and the new revelation.
Thou keepest the hidden things:  The things hidden has been kept and the mystery has been maintained.
of the avenger of the god, This is the universal government speaking The Father.
thou guardest them,  He is the keeper of the seal.
He maketh the ash trees (cedars) not to grow,  
Lebanon associated with the Cedars.
and the shenu trees (acacias) not to blossom, 
Egyptian associated with the Acacias, time of the two lands where one land is lost.
and preventeth copper from being found in the mountain.
Cyprus rich in copper, not accessible all to imply the environment had changed. The deluge also the mountain is the object of the expedition of Cyprus.

Look at this one

"The Tchatcha (Chiefs) of this Pylon are Seven Gods."  and "Twenty first pylon". this century.

What is that?  The Seven Gods or specifically another seven references pointing to the Sevenfold truth of the Urantia Book and the location as reflected. in the above happening in the 21st century.  The time period of this discovery given in this Egyptian book of prophecy.

The Tchatcha, The universal government
Twenty-first pylon: The 21st Century.
Seven Gods : The Sevenfold truth, The Urantia Book

In addition look at this [parallel in this link (Revelation 1:17 Seven stars)

questi5.jpg (18kb)

and more


[THE CHAPTER OF] ENTERING INTO THE HALL OF MAATI TO PRAISE OSIRIS KHENTI-AMENTI. The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-

A whole description of Jesus and relations with the Garden or in the Egyptian view the isle of Maati. Another connection.

I have come unto thee. I have drawn nigh to behold thy beauties (thy beneficient goodness). My hands are [extended] in adoration of thy name of "Maat." I have come. I have drawn nigh unto [the place where] the cedar-tree existeth not, where the acacia tree doth not put forth shoots, and where the ground produceth neither grass nor herbs.  Because it is submerged and hidden until now.

Now I have entered into the habitation which is hidden, Made preparation for discovery and discovered the thing that is hidden.

and I hold converse with Set.
Deals with the Lucifer rebellion as prophesied and is connection to the discovery, through Judgement.
My protector advanced to me,
covered was his face.... on the hidden things. could this mean an R.O.V. with lights and camera physically on the hidden things cutting something out of the mountain.  The actual submarine submerging to the site..
He entered into the house of Osiris, he saw the hidden things which were therein.
entering a vault near the altar in the temple and discovered the ark of his testament and there in lays remnants of what was there.

The Tchatchau Chiefs of the Pylons were in the form of Spirits
The Gods of the Universe, the Angels, The unseen world,   The Ancient of Days could be witnessing the event.  Pylons representing a time period, note the 21st pylon, 21st Century.  The angels witnessing a major event in the spiritual world and in the physical at the unearthing of the Ark of his testament.  Doesn't it refer to in the above revelation that upon discovery of the Ark of his testament there will be thunderings and voices, lighting .mmm  interesting!!.
The god Anpu spake unto those about him with the words of a man who cometh from Ta-mera, saying, "He knoweth our roads and our towns. I am reconciled unto him. When I smell his odour it is even as the odour of one of you." And I say unto him: I the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, have come. I have drawn nigh to behold the Great Gods.
The Sevenfold Gods or Paradise Trinity form the central universe.
Certainly the last piece fits perfectly with the image of Jesus, the sovereign of this universe coming into the garden and bringing mankind to the Garden. Also sounds like a blessing at the point of discovery, looks like the gods are speaking to the discovers with blessings.

The Jesus prophecy
 I would live upon the propitiatory offerings [made] to their Doubles. I would live on the borders [of the territory of] the Soul, the Lord of Tetu. He shall make me to come forth in the form of a Benu bird, and to hold converse [with him.] I have been in the stream [to purify myself]. I have made offerings of incense. sanctified it and showed respect  

I betook myself to the Acacia Tree of the [divine] Children. Divine children, a reference to the Adamic children that may return as mentioned in Enoch, Partook of the tree of life. immortality Tree of life  I lived in Abu in the House of the goddess Satet. Lives with the gods

I made to sink in the water the boat of the enemies.
reference to the deluge or even the submergence of the R.O.V to the location or even references to judgement.
I sailed over the lake [in the temple] in the Neshmet Boat.
So the Garden of the Gods was in a lake or an inland sea another clue that parallels the Sarmast hypothesis and Plato and relates to the 2nd Expedition in relation to a vessel. maybe
I have looked upon the Sahu of Kamur. I have been in Tetu. I have held my peace. I have made the god to be master of his legs. I have been in the House of Teptuf. I have seen him, that is the Governor of the Hall of the God. I have entered into the House of Osiris and I have removed the head-coverings of him that is therein. does this mean I removed something significant that will change knowledge in the temple and the entry in the uncovering and discovery.

I have entered into Rasta, and I have seen the Hidden One who is therein.
I have discovered it , The moment of discovery. Wow!
I was hidden, but I found the boundary.
I was hidden but now I am found, the discovery of the ancient artifact near the boundary of what , the altar in the temple.  The discovery of it has been accomplished. discovery of Atlantis I journeyed to Nerutef, and he who was therein covered me with a garment. submerged because of a deluge  
I have myrrh of women, together with the shenu powder of living folk
mourning of the event of possible judgement and the tree of life the believers, living.  maybe?
Verily he (Osiris) told me the things which concerned himself. I said: Let thy weighing of me be even as we desire. 
Are we talking about the future death of Jesus?

And the Majesty of Anpu shall say unto me, "Knowest thou the name of this door, and canst thou tell it?" Yes the Seven Seals and the name of the Seven Gods of the 21st Pylon, today. or the paradise trinity) And the Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, shall say, "Khersek-Shu" is the name of this door. And the Majesty of the god Anpu shall say unto me, "Knowest thou the name of the upper leaf, and the name of the lower leaf?" 12 gates of Eden that protected the isle of Maati [And the Osiris the scribe Ani] shall say: "Neb-Maat-heri-retiu- f" is the name of the upper leaf and "Neb-pehti-thesu-menment" [is the name of the lower leaf. And the Majesty of the god Anpu shall say], "Pass on, for thou hast knowledge, (researched the knowledge Jesus and the Sevenfold the Seven paths note the seven paths and also note the the comment researched the truth.)
O Osiris the scribe, the assessor of the holy offerings of all the gods of Thebes Ani, whose word is truth, the lord of loyal service [to Osiris]."

11_outfile1rivers.jpg (24kb)

Hail, Lord, thou Soul, most awful and terrible, behold me. I have come, I make thee to be exalted! I have forced a way though the Tuat. I have opened the roads which appertain to heaven, and those which appertain to the earth, and no one hath opposed me therein. I have exalted thy face, O Lord of Eternity.

On Earth as it is in heaven

Another description of the effects and symbolism of the discovery.


I am the girdle of the garment of the god Nu, which giveth light, and shineth, and belongeth to his breast, the illuminer of the darkness, the uniter of the two Rehti deities, the dweller in my body, through the great spell of the words of my mouth. Discovery of the great artifact and its connection with Heaven and earth and shows unity of two opposing dieties.

I rise up, but he who was coming after me hath fallen. He who was with him in the Valley of Abtu hath fallen. I rest. I remember him. The god Hu hath taken possession of me in my town. I found him there. I have carried away the darkness by my strength, Sounds like judgement of the Lucifer rebellion and full possession and sovereignty of the planet.  "Town"  The Discovery of Atlantis/Eden

I have filled the Eye [of Ra] when it was helpless, and when it came not on the festival of the fifteenth day. reflection of the deluge of the isle of the Gods Change.  Also could indicate a change in religion where old is replaced with new.  Change.

I have weighed Sut in the celestial houses against the Aged One who was with him. This is reflection of the future Lucifer (Sut) rebellion adjudication by the Ancients of Days, Jesus is involved.

I have equipped Thoth in the House of the Moon-god, when the fifteenth day of the festival come not. I have taken possession of the Urrt Crown. A great change had occurred in religion where Old is enhanced by new knowledge This occurs after sovereignty has been established.  Is the Urrt crown (almost like Urantia) some crown signifying possession of the planet as reflected in the seventh angel 2nd call in revelations 11 an the Urrt Crown could be an artifact, like the stone cut out of the mountain.

Truth is in my body; turquoise and crystal are its months.

My homestead is there among the lapis-lazuli, among the furrows thereof. lapis-lazuli is associated with Plato and Urantia and could it mean hidden in the submerged furrows.

I am Hem-Nu, the lightener of the darkness. I have come to lighten the darkness; it is light. I have lightened the darkness. I have overthrown the ashmiu- fiends. Its sounds like a Paradise Trinity representative arrives from the central universe and the Lucifer rebellion is finally settled .

I have sung hymns to those who dwell in the darkness. Giving honor to the kingdom of heaven.

I have made to stand up the weeping ones, whose faces were covered over; they were in a helpless state of misery. Look ye then upon me. I am Hem-Nu. I will not let you hear concerning it. Is there some planetary effect of this regarding the emotional effects on mankind.

[I have fought. I am Hem-Nu. I have lightened the darkness. I have come. I have made an end to the darkness which hath become light indeed.  The artifact has been discovered

THE CHAPTER OF NOT DYING A SECOND TIME. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-

Hail, Thoth! What is it that hath happened to the children of Nut? They have waged war, they have upheld strife, they have done evil, they have created the fiends, they have made slaughter, they have caused trouble; in truth, in all their doings the strong have worked against the weak.

Grant, O might of Thoth, that that which the god Tem hath decreed [may be done!] And thou regardest not evil, nor art thou provoked to anger when they bring their years to confusion, and throng in and push in to disturb their months. For in all that they have done unto thee they have worked iniquity in secret. I am they writing- palette, O Thoth, and I have brought unto thee thine ink-jar. I am not of those who work iniquity in their secret places; let not evil happen unto me.

The Osiris, the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:- Hail, Temu! What manner of land is this unto which I have come? It hath not water, it hath not air; it is depth unfathomable, it is black as the blackest night, and men wander helplessly therein. In it a man cannot live in quietness of heart; nor may the longings of love be satisfied therein.

But let the state of the Spirit-souls be given unto me instead of water and air, and the satisfying of the longings of love, and let quietness of heart be given unto me instead of cakes and ale.
Sounds like the effect of the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

The god Tem hath decreed that I shall see thy face, and that I shall not suffer from the things which pain thee. May every god transmit unto thee his throne for millions of years.
Heaven gives the Sovereign respect and offer the allegiance.

Thy throne hath descended unto thy son Horus, and the god Tem hath decreed that thy course shall be among the holy princes.
Jesus being represented has achieved full sovereignty over his universe and is the 2nd Adam of Earth (Urantia).

In truth he shall rule from thy throne, and he shall be heir to the throne of the Dweller in the fiery Lake [Neserser].
His throne is submerged of the coast of Cyprus discovered through the discovery of Atlantis.

In truth it hath been decreed that in me he shall see his likeness, and that my face shall look upon the face of the Lord Tem. How long then have I to live?
Jesus is representative of The Father, The Trinity. refers to Jesus life on Earth.

It is decreed that thou shalt live for millions of years, a life of millions of years.
But will live forever.

Let it be granted to me to pass on to the holy princes, for indeed, I have done away all the evil which I committed, from the time when this earth came into being from Nu, when it sprang from the watery abyss even as it was in the days of old. I am Fate and Osiris,
Watery abyss, reflections of evolution before land emerged from the sea.

I have made my transformations into the likeness of divers serpents. Man knoweth not, and the gods cannot behold the two-fold beauty which I have made for Osiris, the greatest of the gods. I have given unto him the region of the dead. Seems to refer to a resurrection of the isle of the Gods not in physical but in knowledge and discovery and what maybe discovered there.

And, verily, his son Horus is seated upon the throne of the Dweller in the fiery Lake [of Neserser], as his heir.
Jesus is the Sovereign of the land its has been given unto him.  He is the capstone of all this research and when the artifact is discovered that will loose the seal thus fulfilling prophecy.

I have made him to have his throne in the Boat of Millions of Years. Horus is stablished upon his throne [among his] kinsmen, and he hath all that is with him.
Horus/Jesus the Sovereign of his universe.

Verily, the Soul of Set, which is greater than all the gods, hath departed. Let it be granted to me to bind his soul in fetter in the Boat of the God, when I please, and let him hold the Body of the God in fear. O my father Osiris, thou hast done for me that which thy father Ra did for thee. Set is set down from his position.

Let me abide upon the earth permanently. Let me keep possession of my throne. Let my heir be strong. Let my tomb, and my friends who are upon the earth, flourish. All to do with the discovery of the ancient tomb and what it represents and the faith believers in this journey.

Let my enemies be given over to destruction, and to the shackles of the goddess Serq. I am thy son. Ra is my father. On me likewise thou hast conferred life, strength, and health.

Horus is established upon his tomb. Grant thou that the days of my life may come unto worship and honour. Jesus/Horus and his sovereignty blessing.

ADDRESS TO THE GODS OF THE TUAT (From the Papyrus of Nu, Brit. Mus. No. 10477, Sheet 24)


Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, whose word is truth, saith:- Homage to you, O ye gods who dwell in your Hall of Maati! I know you, I know your names. Let me not fall under your knives of slaughter, and bring ye not forward my wickedness to this god in whose following ye are. Let not evil hap come upon me through you. Speak ye the truth concerning me in the presence of Neb-er-tcher, for I have done what is right and just in Ta-Mera. I have not cursed the god, and my evil hap did not come upon him that was King in his day. .  Dalamatia was called Dilmat by the Egyptian, The Maati refers to the land of the Gods.

Homage to you, O ye who dwell in your Hall of Maati, who have nothing false in your bodies, who live upon Truth, who feed yourselves upon Truth in the presence of Horus who dwelleth in his Disk, deliver ye me from Beba, who feedeth upon the livers of the great ones on the day of the Great Judgment. This book also speaks about judgement like the Bible, a parallel.

Grant ye that I may come before you, for I have not committed sin, I have done no act of deceit, I have done no evil thing, and I have not borne [false] witness; therefore let nothing [evil] be done to me. I have lived upon truth, I have fed upon truth, I have performed the ordinances of men, and the things which gratify the gods. Sounds like Jesus, a perfect person.

I have propitiated the god by doing his will, I have given bread to the hungry man, and water to him that was athirst, and apparel to the naked man, and a ferry-boat to him that had no boat. I have made propitiatory offerings and given cakes to the gods, and the "things which appear at the word" to the Spirits. Doesn't this last verse sound like some of the words of Jesus and what about this following reference "things which appear at the word"  Like the physical manifestation of a discovery that derived from a book and the realities that manifest from that in the timeline.

Deliver then ye me, protect then ye me, and make ye no report against me in the presence [of the Great God]. I am pure in respect of my mouth, and I am clean in respect of my hands, therefore let it be said unto me by those who shall behold me: "Come in peace, Come in peace." For I have heard that great word which the Sahu spake to the CAT, in the House of Hapt-ra. I have borne witness to Her-f-ha-f, and he hath given a decision [concerning me].  Jesus is pure in spiritual and speaks the following "Come in peace, Come in peace." It seems to me that he is coming like a second coming...maybe!

I have seen the things over which the Persea tree which is in Rasta, spreadeth its branches. I have made petitions to the gods, [and I] know the things [which appertain to] their bodies. I have come, travelling a long road, to bear righteous testimony, and to set the Balance upon its supports within Aukert. The balance, the weighing of the words.  The Persea tree sounds like a reference to the tree of life.

Hail, thou who art exalted high upon thy standard, thou Lord of the Atef Crown, who dost make thy name to be "Lord of the Winds," deliver thou me from thy divine Envoys who punish and afflict according to [thy] decrees, and who make calamities to arise, and whose faces are without coverings, for I have done what is right and true for the Lord of Truth. I am pure. Atef crown, another crown like the Urrt crown of the white crown in revelations.  Its sounds Jesus and his sovereignty over this planet

My breast is purified by libations, and my hinder parts are made clean with the things which make clean, and my inner parts have been dipped in the Lake of Truth. Lake of truth, the submerged location of Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean.

There is no single member of mine which lacketh truth.

I have washed myself clean in the Lake of the South. I have rested myself in the City of the North, which is in Sekhet Sanhemu (the Field of the Grasshoppers), where the mariners of Ra wash themselves clean at the second hour of the night, and at the third hour of the day. Note in the figure below 1stEden in relation to the location of Egypt "The lake of the south" and also note the City to the North. Atlantis/Eden/The Maat.

questi5.jpg (18kb)
The lake to the South and the city to the North.

The hearts of the gods are gratified when they have passed over it, whether it be by night or whether it be by day, and they say unto me, "Let thyself advance." They say unto me, "Who art thou?" And they say unto me, "What is thy name?" [And I reply], "Sept-kheri-nehait- ammi-beq-f" is my name. I believe that the Gods will be happy, The kingdom of heaven will be happy and encourages the discovery and endorses it.  The discoverers will know the truth and will know the name of the Gods.

Then they say unto me, "Advance straightway on the city which is to the North of the Olive Tree. What dost thou see there?" The Leg and the Thigh. What dost thou say unto them? Let me see rejoicings in these lands of the Fenkhu. What do they give unto thee? A flame of fire and a sceptre-amulet [made] of crystal. What dost thou do with them? Assuming that he was allowed in the a city through a gate.  It seems there was Scepture of power made of Crystals could this equivalent to the Ark of his testament.

I bury them on the furrow of M'naat, as things for the night. What dost thou find on the furrow of Maat? A sceptre of flint, the name of which is "Giver of winds." Is this a direct reference to what will discovered on top of the Acropolis Hill near his furrows. A sceptre of flint...mmmm..interesting. Like the reference "What did you find" What was discovered in the furrow of Maat.  The 1stEden location, that Ark of his testament.  All tantalizing.

What now didst thou do with the flame of fire and the sceptre-amulet [made] of crystal, after thou didst bury them? I said a spell over them, and I dug them up. I quenched the flame of fire and I broke the sceptre-amulet, and I made a lake of water.  All referring to what happened to the scepture , it was buried in a deluge but then it was dug or discovered and had a spell over it.  In other words it had a super physical connection and meaning and possibly an event may occur in association with the discovery.

 [Then shall the Two and forty gods say unto me]: "Come now, pass in over the threshold of this door of the Hall of Maati, for thou hast knowledge of us." This is direct appeal from the Gods, the kingdom of heaven to discover what is hidden.

"We will not allow thee to enter in over us," say the bars of this door, "unless thou tellest us our names." [And I reply], "Tekh-bu- maa" is your name. This would not happen unless one had the right knowledge.

The right lintel of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Henku-en-fat-maat" is thy name.

The left lintel of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Henku-en-arp" is thy name. The ground of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." Note the 2 sets of Gates, the 12 gates of Eden.  You have to have the right knowledge and attitude to be blessed to find this.

 [And I reply], "Aua-en-Keb" is thy name. And the bolt of this door saith: "I will not open the door to thee unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Saah-en-mut-f" is thy name. The socket of the fastening of this door saith: "I will not open unto thee unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply],  Is this the door of a vault containing the sceptre near the altar.

"The Living Eye of Sebek, the Lord of Bakhau," is thy name. The Doorkeeper of this door saith: "I will not open to thee, and I will not let thee enter by me unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply], "Elbow of the god Shu who placeth himself to protect Osiris" is thy name.

The posts of this door say: "We will not let thee pass in by us unless thou tellest our name." [And I reply], "Children of the uraei-goddesses" is your name. The Doorkeeper of this door saith: "I will not open to thee, and I will not let thee enter in by me unless thou tellest my name. [And I reply], "Ox of Keb" is thy name. [And they reply], "Thou knowest us, pass in therefore by us."

The ground of this Hall of Maati saith: "I will not let thee tread upon me [unless thou tellest me my name], for I am silent. I am holy because I know the names of two feet wherewith thou wouldst walk upon me.

Declare, then, them to me." [And I reply], "Besu-Ahu" is the name of my right foot, and "Unpet-ent-Het-Heru" is the name of my left foot. [The ground replieth]: "Thou knowest us, enter in therefore over us."

The Doorkeeper of this Hall of Maati saith: "I will not announce thee unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply], "Discerner of hearts, searcher of bellies" is thy name. [The Doorkeeper saith]: "Thou shalt be announced." [He saith]: "Who is the god who dwelleth in his hour? I think this is a reflection of Jesus.

Speak it" [And I reply], "Au-taui." [He saith]: "Explain who he is." [And I reply], "Au- taui" is Thoth. "Come now," saith Thoth, "for what purpose hast thou come?" [And I reply]: "I have come, and have journeyed hither that my name may be announced [to the god]." [Thoth saith]: "In what condition art thou?" [And I reply], "I, even I, am purified from evil defects, and I am wholly free from the curses of those who live in their days, and I am not one of their number." [Thoth saith]:

 "Therefore shall [thy name] be announced to the god." [Thoth saith]: "Tell me, who is he whose heaven is of fire, whose walls are living serpents, and whose ground is a stream of water? Who is he?" [And I reply], "He is Osiris." [Thoth saith]:

"Advance now, [thy name] shall be announced to him. Thy cakes shall come from the Utchat (Eye of Horus or Ra), thy ale shall come from the Utchat, and the offerings which shall appear to thee at the word upon earth [shall proceed] from the Utchat." This is what Osiris hath decreed for the steward of the overseer of the seal, Nu, whose word is truth.


This Chapter shall be said by the deceased when he is cleansed and purified, and is arrayed in linen apparel, and is shod with sandals of white leather, and his eyes are painted with antimony, and his body is anointed with unguent made of myrrh.

 And he shall present as offerings oxen, and feathered fowl, and incense, and cakes and ale, and garden herbs. And behold, thou shalt draw a representation of this in colour upon a new tile moulded from earth upon which neither a pig nor any other animal hath trodden.

And if this book be done [in writing, the deceased] shall flourish, and his children shall flourish, and [his name] shall never fall into oblivion, and he shall be as one who filleth the heart of the king and of his princes. And bread, and cakes, and sweetmeats, and wine, and pieces of flesh shall be given unto him [from among those which are] upon the altar of the Great God.

And he shall not be driven back from any door in Amentet, and he shall be led along with the kings of the South and the kings of the North, and he shall be among the bodyguard of Osiris, continually and regularly for ever. [And he shall come forth in every form he pleaseth as a living soul for ever, and ever, and ever.]


O thou land of the Sceptre! O thou White Crown of the divine form! O thou rest of the ferry-boat! I am the Child. (Repeat four times). Hail, Abu-ur! Thou sayest daily: "The slaughter-block is made ready as thou knowest, and thou hast come to destruction." I am Ra, who stablisheth those who praise him. The white Crown and the child, a reference to Jesus.  The artifacts:  The Urrt Crown, The Crystal Scepter, The White Crown and previously The Atef Crown.   Is that the Atef crown Atlantis crown?  Does this represent a truth pathway that associates itself with the submerged location of Eden?

speculation ok..

For example,
The White Crown - The revelations/Bible pathway.
The Urrt crown - The Urantia pathway
Atef Crown - The Atlantis pathway

and then you have the Sceptre of Flint and crystal.  The Rod of power and authority.

I am the Knot of the god in the Aser tree, the twice beautiful one, who is more splendid to-day than yesterday. (Repeat four times). I am Ra, who stablisheth those who praise him. I am the Knot of the god within the Aser tree, and my appearance is the appearance [of Ra] on this day. The Aser tree is the tree of life and it will be given the his day of judgement.

My hair is the hair of Nu. My face is the face of the Disk. My eyes are the eyes of Hathor. My ears are the ears of Up-uat. My nose is the nose of Khenti-Khabas. My lips are the lips of Anpu. My teeth are the teeth of Serqet. My cheeks are the cheeks of the goddess Isis. My hands are the hands of Ba-neb-Tet. My forearms are the forearms of Neith, the Lady of Sais. My backbone is the backbone of Suti. This is God arriving.

My phallus is the phallus of Beba. My reins are the reins of the Lords of Kher-aha. My chest is the chest of Aa-shefit. My belly and back are the belly and back of Sekhmet. My buttocks are the buttocks of the Eye of Horus. My hips and legs are the hips and legs of Nut. My feet are the feet of Ptah. [My fingers] and my toes are the [fingers and] toes of the Living gods. There is no member of my body which is not the member of a god. Thoth protecteth my body altogether, and I am Ra day by day. I shall not be dragged back by my arms, and none shall lay violent hold upon my hands. And shall do me hurt neither men, nor gods, nor the Spirit-souls, nor the dead, nor any man, nor any pat-spirit, nor any rekhit-spirit, nor any hememet-spirit. It like a reflection of the death of Jesus and the violent hands that was laid on him.  It also infers that he will return but in an elevated state and no hands will be laid on him.

I am he who cometh forth advancing, whose name is unknown. I am Yesterday. "Seer of Millions of Years" is my name. I pass along, I pass along the paths of the divine celestial judges. I am the Lord of Eternity: I decree and I judge like Khepera. I am the Lord of the Urrt Crown. I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat and in the Egg, and it is granted unto me to live thereinThis is Jesus and his sovereignty and also a reference to the location by referring to dwelling in the egg, the location, the acropolis hill and he lives in his egg.  Does the truth lay there?  Are we to find something?

 I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat when it closeth, and I exist by the strength thereof. I come forth and I shine; I enter in and I come to life. I am in the Utchat, my seat is upon my throne, and I sit in the tent chamber before it.  "I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat when it closeth" This infers that  the physical throne of the Gods was closed.  We can assume that the Utchat (another term for Eden) was closed by a deluge.   In the rest of the verse it also speaks about the resurrection of his throne,  The discovery of the artifact the Ark of his testament where Jesus comes forth and will shine,  Its like 2 resurrections, one  of the soul through Jesus and the ressurection of the knowledge of the physical location of Eden. He will come forth. Also note the Jesus prophecy for his bringing us back to the Garden. Book of Adam and Eve.  One in the same parallel.

I am Horus. [I] traverse millions of years. I have decreed [the stablishing] of my throne, and I am the ruler thereof; and in very truth my mouth keepeth an even balance both in speech and in silence. The purpose of the discovery. The Sovereignty of Jesus.

In very truth my forms are inverted. I am Un-Nefer, from one period even unto another, and what I have is within me. I am the only One, who proceedeth from an only One, who goeth round about in his course. I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat.  This is a description of Jesus and a direct relationship with the submerged location.

No evil thing of any shape or kind shall spring up against me, and no baleful object, and no harmful thing, and no disastrous thing shall happen unto me. I open the door in heaven. I rule my throne. I open the way for the births which take place on this day. Its is Jesus that will ensue this reality that appears to forming with identity and purpose. I feel the kingdom of Heaven is behind this and will bring this forth.

I am the child who traverseth the road of Yesterday. I am To-day for untold nations and peoples. I am he who protecteth you for millions of years. Whether ye be denizens of heaven, or of the earth, or of the South, or of the North, or of the East, or of the West, the fear of me is in your bodies. "I am the child who traverseth the road of Yesterday." Like a reference to Jesus and maybe a reflection of him traveling back and forth from Egypt also can be a reflection to his life on earth.  Also infers a different state.

I am he whose being hath been wrought in his eye. I shall not die again. A direct relation to Jesus, his death and resurrection, a direct reference.

My moment is in your bodies, but my forms are in my place of habitation. I am "He who cannot be known." The Red Fiends have their faces directed against me. I am the unveiled one. The period when the heavens were created for me and were enlarged the bounds of earth, and multiplied the progeny thereof, cannot be found out. They shall fail and not be united again. Sounds like a reference to the fragment of God within and also a reference to physical location of his habitation., the submerged Eden.  The resurrected habitation.

By reason of the speech which I address to you, my name setteth itself apart from all things evil which are in the mouths of men.

I am he who riseth and shineth, a wall which cometh out of a wall, an only One who proceedeth from an only One.

There is never a day that passeth without the things which appertain unto him being therein; passing, passing, passing, passing.

Verily I say unto thee, I am the Plant which cometh forth from Nu, and my mother is Nut. Hail, my creator, I am he who hath no power to walk, the Great Knot who dwelleth in Yesterday. Direct reference to the tree of life that will be given.

The might of my strength is within my hand, I am not known [by thee], but I am he who knoweth thee. I cannot be held in the hand, but I am he who can hold thee in his hand. Jesus can hold us through his Holy Spirit.

Hail, O Egg! Hail, O Egg! I am Horus who liveth for millions of years, whose flame shineth upon you, and bringeth your hearts unto me. The location , Horus one in the same as Jesus.

I am master of my throne. I advance at this season. I have opened a path. I have delivered myself from all evil things. I am the golden dog-headed ape, three palms and two fingers [high], which hath neither arms nor legs, and which dwelleth in Het-ka-Ptah. I go forth as goeth forth the dog-headed ape who dwelleth in Het-ka-Ptah.  "I have opened a path." Thats exactly right, he has opened a path. Through the Urantia Book, then the discovery of Eden/Atlantis/Isle of Maat not to mention the discoveries in the script.


Here are description of the temple, the altar and the nearby spring, close to the altar.  The location of the mystery.

1Enoch Chapter 26
1 And I went from thence to the middle of the earth, (Eden) and I saw a blessed place in which there were 2 trees with branches abiding and blooming [of a dismembered tree]. And there I saw a holy mountain, 3 and underneath the mountain to the east there was a stream and it flowed towards the south.  (Sounds like same description in Ezekiel.

The previous chapter extract sounds like a similar description to that I found in the following Ezekiel extract.  Similarities like the springs issuing out from on top of the Holy mountain.  Ezekiel further describes a temple and within its threshold probably a courtyard had an altar within and close by the Altar the spring issued out close by the tree of life. Similar layout to the Altar and temple layed out in the above revelations.

(Ezekiel 47:1-12 KJV)
Afterward he brought me again unto the door of the house; and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house eastward: (spring issued from the mountain within the temple) for the forefront of the house stood toward the east, (Temple faced east) and the waters came down from under from the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar.

Here is an extract I found in the Book of Adam and Eve that describes the tree of life near where the springs where Adam and Eve eat of the tree of life and bathed in its waters.  A real paradise.  The linkages in all three scriptures is the stream that flowed from under the Holy Mountain.

The 1Book of Adam and Eve
extract  9 O Eve! Remember that while we were in the garden, we knew neither night nor day. Think of the Tree of Life, from below which flowed the water, (the spring) (the tree of life the ub) and that shed lustre over us! Remember, O Eve, the garden land, (1st Eden) and the brightness thereof! 10 Think, oh think of that garden in which was no darkness, while we lived in it



11_outfile1rivers.jpg (24kb) main3marked.jpg (28kb)

cyprus.jpg (218kb) 1_plan1.jpg (24kb) questi5.jpg (18kb)

atlantis_plain.jpg (77kb) Pic_c.jpg (82kb)chapte3.jpg (25kb)



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