Thoughts on Edgar Cayce's prophecy

Here is a post to an forum.  Its just a thought.

I've been thinking about Edgar Cayce's prophecy regarding Atlantis Rising, I thought it was intriguing in this sense. The prophecy is related to the Sphinx and Atlantis Rising which I assume means the truth behind Atlantis, the consciousness of it which is rising these days.

In the Star Map link of what I think resembles a map that includes the constellation Orion representing the isle of Maati. The isle of truth 1st Eden, and its associated constellations there seems to be an outline of the Sphinx that seems to resemble the Eastern Mediterranean. The Orion constellation is above the right arm of the Sphinx. In essence an outline of a map of the Eastern Med pre flood. 16,000 years ago when it was thought that The Sphinx was built, At that time starmap was descending down through the horizon like a metaphor for Atlantis sinking. If I'm right about the starmap, there could be a relationship between the Sphinx outline and Atlantis island outline which was descending through the horizon which could also be related to the literal sinking of Atlantis.. Interestingly it could begin to rise through horizon soon due to precession.  Literally in the stars.


Hall of Records Website Bottom of the page 14,000 years ago.

Compare the image of the location of ancient Atlantis/Cyprus as discovered by Robert Sarmast

Discovery of Atlantis

I think Edgar Cayce went on to say that the Book of Records will be found under the right foot of the Sphinx or something like that. I really wonder if that has all to do about an artifact taken out of the mountain that simply changes knowledge of our origins??. Apparently there will be a major planetary alignment in December 21st 2012 according to the website. I wonder if that could be the turning point in the precession of the earth where the Sphinx in relation to the horizon in the starmap will begin to rise from the Horizon, thus Atlantis Rising.

Its speculatory but I thought it was worthwhile investigating and maybe worth looking into particularly in relation to all the additional information about Eden, isle of Maati or Atlantis that is available.

Its interesting that in the starmap outline the isle of Maati (the word of God) is coming out of the mouth of the Sphinx outline. So in essence you have God as the Sphinx and The word of God as the isle of Maati.

God and the word of God, The isle of truth.

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