Diordorus and Atlantis

Here is are excerpts from Diordorus which clearly describes the Cyprus/Atlantis location and its inhabitants.

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Note:  Since this record the other first places have been discovered as stated in the Urantia Book have been discovered and many aspects of the following can relate to 2nd Dilmun by proxy to Dalamatia City through the myth legends of 2ndDilmun in the Persian Gulf including 1stSusa.  In other words one can expand on the interpretation to embrace above lost cities.

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The first people against whom they advanced ( the Libyan Amazons ), according to the tale, was the Atlantians, the most civilized men among the inhabitants of those regions, who dwelt in a prosperous country and possesed great cities; it was among them, we are told, that mythology places the birth of the gods, in the respect agreeing with those of the Greeks who relate legends, and about this we shall speak in details a little later.


Now the Atlantians, dwelling as they do in
the regions on the edge of the ocean and
inhabiting a fertile territory,
are reputed (like with all the other places, the same common design as the first.)
far to excel their neighbours in reverence
towards the gods and the humanity they
showed in their dealings with strangers,
and the gods, they say, were born among
them. And their account, they maintain,
is in agreement with that of the most
renowned of the Greek poets when he
represent Hera as saying: For I go to see
the ends of the bountiful earth, Oceanus
source of the gods and Tethys divine (Tethys sea is the location of the Persian Gulf, in prehistoric times when the Mediterranean was connected to the Indian Ocean, this region was the Tethys sea.  The location of the Persian Gulf is the old location of the Tethys Sea.)
Their mother.
This is the account given in their myth:
Their first king was Uranus, (Urantia! a reflection) and he
gathered the human beings, who dwelt in
scattered habitations, within the shelter
of a walled city

The Cyprus location an island surrounded by sea with a walled city as discovered  mile under the ocean. (But this can include the other lost places as they all had a wall used for protection.  Exactly what Robert Sarmast discovered off the coast of Cyprus in 1stEden proper)

and caused his subjects
to cease from their lawless ways and their
bestial manner of living, discovering for
them the uses of cultivated fruits, how to
store them up, and not a few other things
which are of benefit to man; and he also
subdued the larger part of the inhabited
earth in particular the regions to the west
and the north. Thats right an empire was created to the North where you have Turkey and Greece and to the west you have Italy, The Sahara and Spain. Also shows there was enlightenment emerging (A growing empire out of the East spreading North and West.)

And since he was a carefull
observer of the stars he foretold many
which would take place throughout (In the beforehand, before the event)
the world; and for the common people
he introduced the year on the basis of the
movement of the sun and the month on
that of the moon, and instructed them in
the seasons which recur year after year.
Consequently the masses of the people,
being ignorant of the eternal arrangement
of the stars and marvelling at the
events which were taking place as he
had predicted , conceived that the man
who taught such things partook of the
nature of the gods, and after he had
passed from among men they accorded
to him immortal honours, both because
of his benefactions and because of his
knowledge of the stars; and then they
transferred his name to the firmament of
heaven, both because they thought that
he had been so intimately acquainted
with the risings and the settings of the
stars and with whatever else took place
in the firmament, and because they would
surpass his benefactions by the magnitude
of the honours which they would show
him, in that for all subsequent time they
proclaimed him to be the king of the
(Yes like we have today in the truth arising about the origins and the story of these places.  All in the beforehand but going back to the origins, like the end at the beginning where there is till unfinished Gods business which includes man.)
Sounds like a complete rendition of Adam and Eve Note the Uranus similar to Urantia

To Uranus, the myth continues, were born
forty-five sons from a number of wives, (Like Adam and Eve and their families and not unlike Adamson and Ratta)
and, of these, eighteen, it is said, were by
Titaea, each of them bearing a distinct
name, but all of them as a group were
called, after their mother, Titans. (I wonder if the Titans are a reflection of the Midwayers, both primary and secondary?)
Titaea, because she was prudent and
had brought about many good deeds for
the peoples, was defied after her death
by those whom she had helped and her
name was changed to Gaia. To Uranus
were also born daughters, the two eldest
of whom were by far the most renowned
above the others and were called
Basileia and Rhea, whom some also
named Pandora. Of these daughters,
Basileia, who was the eldest and far
excelled the others in both prudence and
understanding, reared all her brothers,
showing them collectively a mother’s
kindness; consequently she was given
the appellation of “Great Mother;”
The birth of the mother Goddess religion (a reflection of Eve and perhaps Ratta in other cultures)

and after her father had been translated from (Translation, it could have a reflection to Van in his translation from this planet after his work.)
among men into the circle of the gods, (concentric circles, splendour of the circle is mentioned in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and it relates to what is appears to be on top of the Acropolis Hill) (Circles again associated with the symbol of Paradise and associated in symbolism in design with all the cities found to date.)
with the approval of the masses and
her brothers she succeeded to the royal
dignity, though she was still a maiden
and because of her exceedingly great
chastity had been unwilling to unite in
their marriage with any man. But later,
because of her desire to leave sons who
should succeed to the throne, she united
in marriage with Hyperion, one of her
brothers, for whom she had the greatest
Interesting...relates to the fall, and connects with The Urantia Book version of the fall paper 73 and continuing papers (maybe a very distant reflection of the demise of Eve with Serpetatia, the father of Cain?  Note: she stepped down from the throne though her actions.)

After the death of Hyperion, the myth
relates, the kingdom was divided among
the sons of Uranus, the most renowned
of whom were Atlas and Cronus. Of
these sons Atlas received as his part the
regions on the coast of the ocean, and
he not only gave the name of Atlantians
to his peoples but likewise called the
greatest mountain in the land Atlas. Sounds like Cyprus considering it does borders an ocean to the West (inland sea protected by the Sicilian land bridge.  Also Cyprus also has an extinct Volcano to the west of 1Eden/Atlantis on the island, Mt Olympus Also sounds like things changed after the Goddess mated with man. (Note the regions on the coast, perhaps jutting out of the coast, it could be anywhere but to me it points to the Persian Gulf region.)

They also say that he perfected the science
of astrology and was the first to publish
to mankind the doctrine of the sphere;

and it was for this reason that the idea
was held that the entire heavens were
supported upon the shoulders of Atlas,
the myth darkly hinting in this way at his
discovery and description of the sphere.

The birth of an advanced civilisation introduced by Adam (We know in the Urantia Book there are tablets submerged in any of these cities.  If we find the Seven commands on stone slabs in Dalamatia City, this would verify it as the first place.)


Cronus, they say was lord of Sicily and
Libya, and Italy as well, and, in a word,
established his kingdom over the regions
to the west; From Cyprus to the West including regions of Spain , the Sahara region, Italy and Egypt basically they were colonies of Atlantis in Cyprus which was to the east of Italy and Sicily. (Again confirming the East to West migration of knowledge.)

and everywhere he occupied
with garrisons the commanding hills and
the strongholds of the regions, this being
the reason why both throughout Sicily and
the parts which incline towards the west
many of the lofty places are called to this
day after him “Cronia”.
Might explain the huge Ballbek blocks and similiar structures found through the Med.

After reading this it sounds like Cyprus is the home of the Gods considering, the Home of the Gods bordered the ocean and there empire extended to the North of it, where you have Greece and Turkey and to the west you have Italy, the Sahara and Spain. Obviously Greece rebelled against the intrusion of the Atlanteans.  (Just note there where 10 sons who had the inheritance they also settled in other places and perpetuated their own legends.)




"Tethys, wife of Oceanus and foster mother of Juno, forbids its [the constellation of the Bear] setting in Oceanus." - Hyginus, Fabulae 177

"Omnipotens (the Almighty) [Zeus] swept away both son [Arkas] and mother [Kallisto, a love of Zeus] ... whirled in a wind together through the void, (Gibraltar break, in rush) and set them in the sky as neighbouring stars [Ursa Major and Ursa Minor]. Juno [Hera], in fury when that concubine shone midst the stars, descended to the sea, to Tethys and old Oceanus, The original 2 inland seas, now flooded. (This could be a reflection to 2ndDilmun and ultimately Dalamatia City, The Old Tethys is the Persian Gulf and old Oceanus, the Indian ocean perhaps) whom the gods greatly revere, and to their questioning replied: ‘You ask why I, Regina Deorum (Queen of the Gods), come hither from the mansions of the sky? (the mansions are the mansion world) I am dethroned; another reigns; my words are false unless, when night darkens the world, you see, new-honoured in heaven to injure me, twin constellations at the utmost pole, where earth in last and shortest circle turns. Who now would hesitate to insult Juno [Hera]? ... She whom I forbade to be a woman [by transforming her into a bear], made a goddess! Thus the guilty pay! So great my sovereignty! ... But you who reared me, if your hearts are touched by my disgrace, debar from your green deeps that sevenfold star interesting sevenfold connection with a description of the Gilbraltar Break, the flooding of the 2 inland seas,  the fall of Eve and the shame of it and its relationship to the constellations. (Sevenfold Star and its connection to the Sevenfold mission a very old mission that originates from the stars and the capitals)  that at the price of shame was set in heaven, nor let that prostitute your waters’ pure integrity pollute.’ The Di Mari (Sea-gods) gave assent, and Saturnia [Hera] departed heavenwards through the cloudless air with her light chariot." - Ovid, Metamorphoses 2.508 

Is there a solid reflection of the Atlantis/Cyprus location and its destruction and in addition a reflection of the fall of Eve embedded within this story.

There appears to judgments attached to the above, the Di Mari Gods was another interesting clue.


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