Here are series of replies in the atheist site over 2 days


October 12 09, In the following are various posts on the Raving Atheist site.

There is a bit of swearing and carrying on where much is said to the Atheist


Atheist site

So that you know what is come to pass and you are informed.

There be an evacuation and a lot of people will be taken in reserve for the rebuild of the new world without the atheist and the terrorist.

If a billion people are taken or even a half a billion there will be worldwide financial collapse such a never seen before, the Fed will be non existent and the there will be planetary martial law where 10 administrators will be given power to rule by the UN in one hour because this event happens in an hour.

If you're on the dole or live on the pension there will be nothing coming forth.

All the money in all stock markets will simply vanish.

Its to terrible to speak off.

There is a way of escape from this terrible process. You know its just going to be so bad for any man. I say all this so you can prepare yourself as an individual in the beforehand.

There will be no laughter, only mourning. The good times for all remaining will be over! This will be the correction of those who stick there thumb up at God in hatred and for the selfish and greedy who have stuffed this planet. The correction of the Universe Government, the road will be long and hard for those with no faith especially the Atheist and his family.

The resentment post evac will be reflected towards the Atheist. Richard Dawkins and that whole mob will have hide from the rage of man towards the atheist and the religionist alike. Man will be reduced to roving/raving animal not knowing what to do and where to go as there will be no place to hide.

The truth and the reality will hit home right at the heart of all families and it will create division amongst all man.

Fear and trepidation will rule.

All the people here, in there attitude will only bring this correction on more rapidly and will only serve to harden the resolve of the Universal Government led by Jesus, the Sovereign.

The Universal Sovereignty that the Queen Elizabeth acknowledges and who Parliament respect by there prayers before a sitting. Least some people in the UK have brains which includes the Sovereign of the UK who represents the Church of England.

Those nations who acknowledge and utterly respect the Sovereignty of Jesus the Sovereign, will be uplifted and protected by the Government of the Universe.


That's the problem the keyboard is too small.

Since I was last here was a about 6 months ago. What has happened to spoils of the UK since then?....a precursor? and Who was responsible for the current scenario that the UK are in right now?

Some atheist prick who ripped of the people of the planet in his lust for wealth and now the UK are paying for the price of the actions of a few atheist pricks who couldn't give a shit for anyone else except his own BS.  That's how the Atheist works.

Mind you, that collapse occurred on a date that I forecast in the timeline journey from 1stEden.

Don't underestimate a thing.

All the banks are run by atheists who have man all sown up in life time debt and who demand there pound of flesh of the backs of man. 

That's how the atheist operates.  Tying man for his own pleasure in the power over man, no different Hitler or Stalin but very subtle and insidious.

The Atheist screws around man and the people pay of it, that's your Atheist who couldn't give a shot for anyone.  These are the people the Richard Dawkins upholds and lifts, people who betray others and have no conscience in lust for BS things that are temporal.


I hope one day but it makes no difference to the reality of things.  Man knows its there, you can see the anomalies which does match what's written.  That's how I found the place.  I followed the UB in its various clues throughout the book and found it but now we have to verify.

The UN or anyone should go out to verify, to know that its the truth for mans sake.  There should be ancient artworks buried in the garden close to the circular temple.

Wouldn't that be a great discovery and would verify some real truth concerning religion and things in the current reality.

I would like to do an expedition with Richard Dawkins to prove the truth once and for all and demonstrate it in front of him literally.

Wouldn't that make a great challenge TV/Movie production Religion VS Atheism in the discovery of a lost city, the first city of all mankind.

Come on board Mog, lets prove the truth either way.

Its a simple I read and I see experience with much fun and good for you and me and the rest of the planet.

The bloke from the bush verses the great intellectual powerhouse.  Why not, lets see where the truth is once and for all.


Atheist site

By committing an expedition to Dalamatia City to prove the truth in a Religion VS Atheism TV challenge would also prove many things to wayward religion and could very well put a stop to this terrorism crap in wayward religion.

It could put a final on many things including wrong thoughts and ideas at the same time expanding man in the truth of everything that can be demonstrated as we have done with 1stEden.

Mog thanks for your input you just seeded a idea.

The great challenge of Religion vs Atheism through the discovery of a lost ancient city that will change our knowledge of things and deepen us as individuals because we have demonstrated the truth for all to see.

The expedition could like a big brother thing where all is seen including the attitude.

I might write a proposal on that one and you can be part of changing history....Mog


By committing an expedition to Dalamatia City to prove the truth in a Religion VS Atheism TV challenge would also prove many things to wayward religion and could very well put a stop to this terrorism crap in wayward religion.

It could put a final on many things including wrong thoughts and ideas at the same time expanding man in the truth of everything that can be demonstrated as we have done with 1stEden.

Mog thanks for your input you just seeded a idea.

The great challenge of Religion vs Atheism through the discovery of a lost ancient city that will change our knowledge of things and deepen us as individuals because we have demonstrated the truth for all to see.

The expedition could like a big brother thing where all is seen including the attitude.

I might write a proposal on that one and you can be part of changing history....Mog


Actually Cal your last post just made no sense.

Why don't you come along an expedition? lets prove the truth together either way.

Have you guts and balls to participate on such a thing.

The religious crap you portrayed is not the direction of where new religion is going.

Instead, lets prove what is written, simply or is that to complex for you????? even in your so called intellect.


Well is anyone up to the challenge of Religion VS Atheism finalised in an expedition to prove what is written????

All atheist are welcome or has the Atheist has suddenly become a gutless wonder knowing that he going be screwed up in his BS where he will not have a leg to stand on, where his foundation of untruth just get wiped out in a simple verification.

You know Dalamatia City is the first Atlantis following the path of the tree life.

Has the Atheist suddenly got too much to loose where he avoids such a fine possibility of a discovery and verification of the truth.

Come on Atheist prove your metal in an actual expedition in a new challenge brought about by religion...

New religion VS Atheism using the Urantia Book as the source baseline information in a discovery of ancient city.


No mate, I'm not asking for money.

Either way, the canker and worm will eat your money up, regardless what you think.

Take the money component out of it. Would you come to prove the truth or are you just another weak atheist who has nothing to show for himself?

Be worth a billion dollars you could make money out of it, if that is your desire and change knowledge and history in one swoop.

At the end of the day the Atheist is weak and has no resolve that is convincing to anyone. He cant prove a thing and avoids the possibility because really speaking there is not an ounce of truth within the Atheist.

He is completely full of shit and has no standing in truth that he cant demonstrate to himself nor to anyone else.

The way its all trending Mog you will loose your little scrap of money that you love, It will be all gone when the Universal Government reveals itself.

It all demonstrates that the Atheist is not interested in resolve and has no balls just a coward avoiding the truth.

Already its demonstrated.


We are definitely in this time.

“And the Lord answered me, and said, “Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for the appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.

Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.” Habakkuk 2:2-4

The tablets are written down and so is the Judgment!

I'm sitting around waiting for it.

You're an insult and embarrassment to your parents.


Slime, come with me and lets verify a lost city so we see the truth for ourselves in the actual moment of time.

Its all there awaiting verification!

Don't waste time here, these guys will only lead you to personality extinction as if you were never born, living in a temporal dream in time/space with no purpose just a marauding animal thinking like an animal, amongst animals.

All these guys are sub human in there thoughts show no life and no hope for anyone exhibiting hatred of the truth which leads down the road of spiritual and personality death.

In there attitude they are all forsaken.

The unseen administrators have abandoned these guys already and they will have no blessings at all, just a dull boring hard life trying to rip off the system, that's the level of there minds mate.

No hope, no future and no possibilities!


Really this all just a laugh. All I'm saying, lets verify an ancient city and see if it verifies the written information

How hard is that for anyone.

What an adventure and look at the attitude of the Atheist carp. Just a negative piece of crap. To verify the first city of all mankind in the Persian Gulf would be a dream for most young men, to verify an ancient and look at the negative carp atheist attitude, doomed and set for failure.


There are many people of all persuasions who are observing these posts right now from all over the world and they can see by the example in the reply that the Atheist is the ultimate loser.

The atheist is the gutless wonder who runs from the truth that can be verified.

The Atheist is great looser in all of this and normal people can see this just by the witness in the reply.

The atheist is going to be made the example as the greatest loser on the planet in untruth. The spiritual administration of this planet is going bare pressure on the atheist in the ultimate betrayal in the denial of God.

You guys will not pass into any possibilities and will never enter the next realm after the passage of death. By your mock you sign your personality extinction passage and that is the truth.

And yet we could easily verify an ancient city that will change everything where the Atheist and the Religionist can work together to find the truth together in co-operation. But the atheist is weak in his truth and has no balls or courage whatsoever, he is not even a man.  Just a negative piece of crap upon any possibility.


So if you're so intelligent with all these so called journals lets discover something that expands mankind where you're intellect can be more useful and productive.

I don't care about your scientific journals or how smart you are its you're attitude that sucks. You're not even a proper scientist having a really closed mind with real limitation which limits the knowledge of man.

According to your language you represent shit not the speak of a scientist, you just baulk at the possibilities because it doesn't suit your BS.

You cant even disprove God speaking crap in the whole time of your input. Cant even explore the what if..... because of a dead mind focused in a narrow limited way.

You just want man to be stuck in the limitation of knowledge so you can control his ass like a typical atheist controller who couldn't give a shit for no one except for his own self styled BS.

Just a real Choobus fossilized approach on the possibilities of things. Travel outside the square for a change you just might find something really worthwhile.


Faith freedom forum

Re: Iraqis Shocked as Atheism Creeps in

Postby sevens » Mon Oct 12, 2009 9:29 am

Its not God doing the violence, its man himself doing the violence in complete ignorance of truth using God a tool or a weapon against man.

Surely set for a complete failure. No wonder people are leaving Islam in Iraq. I really don't blame them as Islam is a very poor witness of the truth of everything and cannot demonstrate itself as a worthy religion that brings harmony and prosperity to a country. Its the people themselves who are failing each other through an obsolete wayward religion full of rampant emotionalism coupled with promulgation that is in complete ignorance because of lack of education.

Where ever Islam goes it produces failed states and instability in the family and who only rule by fear, imposition and lies.

Sudan is a classic example of marauding murders under the banner of failed Islam. The Iranian government slaughter and torture the people who have something to say. Then again Atheist governments can be very evil like Zimbabwe and the renegade mugabe who slaughters his people at will.

Stalin, Hitler and Napoleon where all atheists who combined certainly had no problem in slaughtering millions of families at will.

Religion needs a complete upgrade and that's the purpose of 1stEden and the ancient places to upgrade mankind in his spiritual knowledge.

Religion should stay out of politics and commerce and should concentrate on the ultimate truth and raise proper leaders who have truth, beauty and goodness in there heart and not interested in material corruption in the accumulation for self.



How do you know anything about the Urantia Book to pass judgment. You haven't read the book. Another foolish comment without due diligence like reading and researching the book properly. Another closed mind with limited possibilities.

Looking at example in the past 100 years of the atheist leaders of Governments and corporations has been a complete disaster for man in many ways. The Atheist have just fucked this planet up through the destruction of creativity that never suited them because they were in it for themselves only, like murdering those with creative ideas that would bring benefit for man...pure profit motivation with any responsibility to anything nor anyone only what's in it for me. Oil companies are a perfect example.

Half the species of the planet have vanished because of profit motivation without responsibility. The Atheist have murdered millions of families over politics and power. Today we see Atheist led government who totally screw the people over through imposition and lies that you see everyday without conscience.  Magabe perfect example or the government in Sudan, two extremes but just as evil as one another.

Even your own politicians rip you off without truth, beauty and goodness in service of mankind. Everything that the atheist does is for his own self serving purpose. Like Green house effect where the people have to pay for the air they breath thanks to Atheist in his profit perpetuation. The banks through sheer dishonesty ripped off many people and again the people have to pay for the actions of the Atheist scourge....all driven by the fucked atheist who has such a low life vision that we will not last a 1000 years.

That's why the Universal Government will reveal to route the Atheist for the sake of the survival of the planet.

The track record of the Atheist selfishness is an utter failure and who has no sustainability for the future because he is on the wrong track by the evidence in the last 100 years.

All the atheist desires is to be God and rule man through the most insidious ways, the mind of very screwed up and cold blooded person. The atheist has no problem in knocking people off and murdering many as seen by the witness.

When the Atheist speaks humanism, I just laugh as he has innocent blood on his hands and the atheist is guilty of theft and all sorts of crimes against humanity.

There are two scourges on the planet and that's wayward religion as we both know and the cold blooded atheist who has nothing to hold himself from committing all sorts of crime against mankind.

Just about all crime on this planet is committed by the Atheist, that's why there are so many rules in our civilisation because mankind is not Self correcting in the beforehand basically man is dishonest in what he can get away with like a thief. Once man becomes self correcting in the beforehand with all the truth, then the civilisation of mankind will march towards the Utopian ages.

Until then forget it.


We live in a so called advanced society but man has not changed at all, he has become worse than ever before and really quite dumbed down for the purpose of the Atheist.


October 13 2009

At the end of the Day the discover of the first garden of Eden was an ex Atheist, he was not a religionist before he found the Urantia Book but was an Atheist. Robert Sarmast found the Urantia Book and learned that the Atheist world was a just a lie and understand the truth of things and was led to discover the first garden Eden.

Not bad for an Ex Atheist, it shows you that God can work on the highest things with an Ex Atheist. No respector of persons but respector of right attitude!

He was one of YOU, one of your own kind and look how this man changed our knowledge through his own efforts working the Spiritual forces of the planet.

Basically the discoverer saw the truth and was led to the truth and changed history.

Not bad for an ExAtheist.

Now this Ex Atheist has produced a world changing video on the Secrets of Jesus Christ. Alot more than what any of you guys have ever done being in your Atheist delusion.

Your atheist attitudes is going change because the Universal Government are simply going to take out the Atheist for his destruction of truth, family and the destruction of the planet for pure profit and power over the masses for further manipulation.

Be warned Atheist.

Atheism is walking dreamland.

You will not win in your contention against God, you will utterly be routed by the armies of the Universe and the last rebel that remains will be executed along with his children.

Lucifer who is interned is also due for personality extinction at Judgment.

The powerbase of the Atheist will be decimated by the truth alone and by the word. You will loose everything including your soul.

Anyway, children of the last rebel enjoy your very short time in existence because you have not much time when the Government of the Universe reveals itself then you will know you are deep trouble and what I wrote was absolutely right, you will know this and it will destroy the word and the manifestation of the word where the word becomes FLESH or becomes the REALITY.

All Athesits have been warned through this conduit which is closing very rapidly now.

The Universe Government is on its way and any religionist who reads this understands clearly and is preparing his in heart and soul for the revealing.

You can continue your hatred and anger towards God now but you are all in deep shit. But there is a way of escape in all of this but Im afraid you guys dont make the grade of personality survival.

Utter failures at the end of the day.

All the prophecies in this work will come to pass in self manifestation of the word in the reality in the current time/space timeline.

Continue you rage and anger against God but know that the more you rage and display hatred towards God the quicker we come to final consummation of the truth which hastens the ultimate reality of your own personality extinction.

Your all committing personality suicide that how dumb the Atheist really is. All those who worship Molech/Last Rebel in the highest levels of society are gone already and will be gathered for judgment for all there destruction wrought upon mankind! The ultimate penalty for complete ugliness.


This is what the Universal Government thinks of the Atheism.

line 156: Hence materialism, atheism, is the maximation of ugliness, the climax of the finite antithesis of the beautiful. Highest beauty consists in the panorama of the unification of the variations which have been born of pre-existent harmonious reality.

You guys in your Atheist hatred and rage towards God is just seen as the maximum of UGLINESS. which only confirms the witness seen on this thread and therefore in light of this, it is destined that the Atheist will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. and will never see his family again. The Atheist is the most ugly human being on the planet ....The Atheist, Atheism and the UGLY.

Human Personality trash!

Here is more from the same link.


The attainment of cosmologic levels of thought includes:

1. Curiosity. Hunger for harmony and thirst for beauty. Persistent attempts to discover new levels of harmonious cosmic relationships.

2. Aesthetic appreciation. Love of the beautiful and ever-advancing appreciation of the artistic touch of all creative manifestations on all levels of reality.

3. Ethic sensitivity. Through the realization of truth the appreciation of beauty leads to the sense of the eternal fitness of those things which impinge upon the recognition of divine goodness in Deity relations with all beings; and thus even cosmology leads to the pursuit of divine reality values--to God-consciousness.


Speaking for yourself obviously, there it is, in the above in writing cal.

By the way the last rebel name is Caligastia, he is the fallen planetary prince that creates the present mischief and creator of Atheism.

You're nor related to Caligastia by any chance, CAL. In attitude you appear to be the same person or a child of the last rebel?

You haven't got much time when you will be taken out forever never to see reality again. When you depart from this planet it will black and no reality unless you review and alter your attitude.


I thought this was interesting.

line 89: desire through the mere force of the human will. If you would be truly triumphant over the temptations of the lesser and lower nature, you must come to that place of spiritual advantage where you have really and truly developed an actual interest in, and love for, those higher and more idealistic forms of conduct which your mind is desirous of substituting for these lower and less idealistic habits of behavior that you recognize as temptation. You will in this way be delivered through spiritual transformation rather than be increasingly overburdened with the deceptive suppression of mortal desires. The old and the inferior will be forgotten in the love for the new and the superior. Beauty is always triumphant over ugliness in the hearts of all who are illuminated by the love of truth. There is mighty power in the expulsive energy of a new and sincere spiritual affection. And again I say to you, be not overcome by evil but rather overcome evil with good."


Mate listen to yourself, its doesn't make any sense and its illogical to basic tents of self survival.

The spiritual forces have been here for hundreds of thousands of years since the beginning of our planetary spiritual heritage, they know everything, you don't, your only a babe in the true reality.

You have been here for such a short time, you don't know everything but the watchers and recorders know everything. But you reject and therefore seal your fate.

Everyone is trying to help you but you are stuck behind this wall of resistance by the pride of your personality which is the downfall.

Gain wisdom and more true knowledge, its only thing that will save your ass.


Well I'm not sure about, the way I see it Stern, there is a book that was given to mankind through an unusual process, its speaks of locations of a city one mile under the sea with directions. After reading this and committing to 2 expeditions we discovered the submerged city, we found the evidence that does match to what is written in the book. The book claims to be written by the Kingdom of Heaven so therefore if we can match the hard evidence with what is written then the book must valid and credible and therefore proves that God does exist through a simple process of I read and I see from a book written by heaven for us so the book must be from essentially God as it claims.

I read, I see.

We can do the same process with Dalamatia City. We can test this method again if you like.

Regarding 1stEden, I reckon another expedition is required to confirm the great triangle/circle mound that we clearly see now. As you know this triangle/circle is prime design of all these lost cities including Dilmun where Babel was built submerged in North eastern Persian Gulf.

Now we know what the triangle/circle means and where it came from and we know the connection this triangle/circle symbol has in this society today.

There is more to the mystery


Anyway enough of the Atheist for a short time

He has enough information.



14th October 2009

More atheist crappy responses:
Note there is some swearing and more carrying on.

Sharky you speak utter crap, another carp coming to the surface spitting shit out, you don't even know what you talking about.

Where is a your hard evidence on anything.

Where is it??

Cant do it.

My book nothing, what do you know about anything? Lets have a look at your crap. Come on post it up. Rather than hearing your garbage lets see your evidence right here and now for all to see. Eh!

Leave bullshit behind, lets see your evidence on anything.

The only thing a Atheist becomes in the right conditions is just a cold blooded killer, like the religious terrorist, the same thing but at the other extreme. The Atheist along with his attitude towards man has screwed man completely and couldn't give a shit. You see that everyday on all levels.

Like I said just about all crime is committed by an Atheist as there is no equalising factor with in his soul.

If an Atheist has an opportunity to gain over man he will seize the opportunity to take advantage. The Atheist will change the laws to justify his actions over mankind.

Lets see your evidence mate! come on where is it?

yeah right!

And who is Gordon Bennet?????

I mean look at the Chinese Atheist Government in the torture and injustice on the masses, no problem there in screwing man down to the ground. Look how an atheist pieces a system together of total control over the people and fucks them over. Look at the example of communism and its atheist system builders. No problem there in wiping out millions of families. All Atheist systems of governance.

Look at all the lies and propaganda of the Atheist system like in communism all guided by the Atheist prick.

Look at the Atheist prick in Burma look at what they do to people...Look at Cambodia same atheist cold blooded killer.

Up yours Sharky you complete prick. You would have no problem in killing people in the right conditions based on your Atheist full of shit belief of nothing good for mankind.


Those Atheist pricks like Richard Dawkins and those other characters who wear narrow square glasses with there index finger shoved up there check trying to llok cool and happening all support these evil Atheist built system where just all families suffer great and personal loss because of some Atheist cold blooded ideal.

In essence Dawkins and all those characters support the death and destruction of others through the atheist system.

At the end of the Day, Religion and State must be seperated as we far to wayward to have religious system of governance like we see in Iran and Sudan and all that.

The state look after the people and the religion keeps out of politics and commerce and only concentrates on the total truth of everything and who raise people of real spiritual value who think nothing of the true service to mankind in truth, beauty and goodness without any violence and corruption upon any man.

Planetary peace will never ever come from the Atheist because his ideal is to narrow and there is no equalising factor for his soul to avoid the corruption by his own desires over man through his own freewill.

The destruction of the planet is all guided by the Atheist in his lust for power and profit on the backs of mankind.

That's the Atheist cold blooded killer in his quest for the total dominance over man.  Absolute prick to the highest degree.


Cal you just an asshole and one who loves his own ego and one who loves influence and power of others.

Up yours you atheist prick. Not one scrap of love in your heart just a cold blooded reptile given the opportunity.

Half your posts make no sense in your Mock. Killer of faith and love and ultimately the family.


I know in my family we have long hard memory of ww2 and that Hitler prick and his atheist death squads not mention all the members of my family that got slaughtered by that Atheist prick.

Im sure there are many here who had family in England the US who remember family members who got wiped out by the Atheist Hitler in his atheist ideal. I know many polish families that had all the families wiped out bar a couple because of Stalin that other Atheist prick.

Stick your atheism up your fucking asshole.

All these people died to fight the Atheist asshole so that you could express yourself today and in turn you betray the people who sacrificed themselves for your freedom of expression, religion or no religion and yet you turn on them you unappreciative/turncoat atheist asshole.


You haven't demonstrated that, however the Atheist has demonstrated himself time and time again as a cold blooded reptile killer.

We see it everyday, look around the world and all the various leaders who just screw the people only for there power. All Atheist.

I laugh at you you fool! Blind as a bat! The atheist track leads to war and no peace and man will never achieve peace with atheist in charge.

Because the Atheist asshole, just cant help himself in the grab for power in his lust of power and influence over others, living of the backs of others through imposition and suppression of the spirit of mankind.

Fuck your atheist shit, biggest load bullshit out that raises monsters.


The Universal administration see and hears what's within you and no doubt would be disappointed especially when you mock the ideal and truth that gives you the freedoms today to express, and yet you turn on those ideals that gives you opportunity today. Your are an Atheist betrayer to all those lives lost that fought for you and who believed in God and the ideals of God in liberty and freedom to express and be what you wont be in the choice of your destiny.

Yet you mock those solders of truth in defence of your freedoms.

You fucking betrayer of those lives lost so Hitler wouldn't rule your ass and they all believed in God and ideals of God and family and all you want to do is undermine with deception.

And who started ww2 to rule your little asshole, the atheist prick!


well I say

May the Universal Father of all the Seven Superuniverses bless the people and the Governments of good ole, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK and all the nations that acknowledge the Universal Father and acknowledge the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ the master of this Universe.

And stuff the atheist who wants to undermine all this.

I pray judgment comes for the last rebel the fallen and ex planetary prince of this planet and his children of atheist sophistry of unbelief.


Well mate you have been judged unworthy for personality survival, you will only live this life here without any further future, your destiny is sealed by your own low level thoughts.

You have sealed your destiny from this time on.

you have been warned and simply have no future, the angels will not help in anything you do and you will be abandoned from all help and one day you may ask for help but not will come back to in response.

Your a complete loser an utter looser even your earthly reality will change, you ask for it you get exactly according to your own will, you tempt the angels, now the angels/Midwayers will deal with your reality.

Pit yourself against the angels in insult, then they pit against you. You curse yourself. If you want real action in combat with the angels you get it.

Your fate is already sealed get ready for real spiritual combat. You asked for it you get it.

You pit yourself against the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ you shall certainly receive all you deserve and you asked for it.

You are seen as an enemy to the Kingdom of Heaven and you will treated like an enemy of the Kingdom you have forfeited your eternal life from this time forth because of your sin against the Sovereign of this Universe.


I know much about reality and I know how reality changes and I know how sudden things can change and how disastrous it can be. You yourself are vulnerable now and outside the protection of your own reality and the Universal Government. Angels are not going to help you instead you headlong for a severe attitude correction.

Man, things are going to change for you as you willed by your complete disrespect to the Universal Government and the Sovereign Jesus Christ.

You want to tempt and insult the Midwayers and the whole chain of Government in disrespect? you get what you ask for. That is a given.

You have no future man and be warned they can take everything from you and strip you to nakedness whilst you walk in hatred and disrespect.

Keep on going mate you get what you ask for!


You are going to the same place of extinction like Stalin, Hitler and all the atheist evil people who simply killed millions for the want of there own pleasure in there lust to rule over man and to be seen as a god even though they were all Atheists with no belief and yet wanted to be god of the planet.

Fuck them, assholes walking contradiction and double standard for the pleasure of the rule over man with an iron Atheist fist and a gun and Atheist BS in other hand.


The only guy here who I think has something little more going for himself actually is Stern Swallow, least he is reasonable and will to look into things. whether agrees is up to him but I think he is deeper and little broader than all here even though he has opposing Atheist views, least I can at least think about what he says.

The rest are just idiots and fools who spend all the day just in complete mock with no penetration at all, cant even anaylze or check out the possibility of things or put forward something reasonable or at least coming to a middle path in the analysis.


I think it was Eva who said, the Cal the heavy weight!!!

What a Light weight! Where is your studies and papers of your belief where the whole world can see?

Give it up mate, where is your demonstration of the truth and why would people want to take your flawed advise on anything.

Cant show anything worthwhile.

You haven't read the Urantia Book because your a gutless wonder and not worthy to be respected, you judge things without reading the information fully. What a complete fool loser, not even a researcher.

Just a closed negative mind whose only capacity is throw out insults.

I reflect what I see.


Anyway looks like the school of Carp are arising out of pond of shit with more insults.

But where is all your research on anything. Your personal research on whether God exist or not????

The atheist at the end of the day has nothing going on in his pea brain.

He is just a liar and thief full of negativity with a closed mind in total laziness.

Can't even show anything for themselves except for relying on Richard Dawkins to there bidding and yet when it comes to here own research they fall in a pile of shit and have nothing...nothing whatsoever at the end of the day.

Cant even read a book without judging it by its cover.

The Atheist is flawed and has nothing but deception and cant show a thing for himself.

All the religionists reading these posts can see this quite clearly that the Atheist is a lightweight and has nothing to say and cannot demonstrate a single thing except all the death and destruction we have all witnessed including all the ignorance we read right now.

Atheist demonstrates to all as just a fool on the wrong path.


And stuff the Atheist who wants to undermine the Liberty and Freedom all families fought for and replace the National Government by an atheist government through the rule of false information, propaganda and with a gun in the hand, ultimately.



I don't see bible and internment re-education camps like I see with Evil Atheist governments throughout the world and that's a fact.

and you know that.

Richard Dawkins, in his delusion is undermining the freedoms and liberty we all fought for in the formation of the ultimate cold blooded Atheist killer governments.

Mass killings are all done by the Atheist.


Nodite18, I'm glad you do because that's where Atheism leads to, in the ultimate witness and you see that in the news everywhere.


Nodite18, I'm glad you do because that's where Atheism leads to, in the ultimate witness and you see that in the news everywhere.

Yet you show disrespect for individual who are being killed for there own beliefs.
Like in China with there death internment camps and particularly North Korea.

All Atheist systems, that's why you fool atheist don't know what you speak of and have no idea where Atheism leads to because essentially you are all stupid and don't look into the past nor in the present to see the future.

You are all very deceived in your personal angst of not getting what you want in your selfishness, complaining all day long because you do nothing for no one expecting people to do everything for you while sucking on the system that feeds you wanting more all the time like a child.

I admit all people including government could do more each other in service including the satisfaction of service for one another in the spirit of love for one another.

That's is the only way we are going to make the utopian worlds living in accordance to the Universal Ideal of exactly what Jesus taught us, Service to one another without selfishness.


All these Atheist systems in China, Burma and North Korea do nothing for no one except for themselves in survival and suppress all original thought that could be of benefit for one fellow brother.

They want conformity in the one thought only and have no problems to destroy all varying thoughts and ideas.

They are the most corrupt Atheist Government on the planet and you desire Atheism already seeing the tracks of where Atheism leads to in the witness!

Why do you think the USA is the most successful country in the world because of the tracks Washington laid down to stimulate the creativity of man, to provide a environment of freedom to think and express regardless of thought and opinions.

That's why the USA is successful and will be successful because of its people and the personal freedom they enjoy in expression with freedom of religion. The atheist ultimately what's to destroy that through forced conformity, in one ideal and to destroy our Heritage of the AGES to keep the truth away from you for further manipulation.

I say FUCK that completely and fuck the Atheist asshole who wants to rob me of that basic freedom.


Good but least you read, where is your truth, knowledge and research or are just another Richard Dawkins parrot.

I don't give a crapper what you think unless you can convince me otherwise with your personal research and insights.


Nothing but farting hot air all over the place where he cant even prove that God does not exist, he even admits that.

More honesty there than you will ever have on that point. Least he is honest to say that! You cant say that because your a liar and thief of the truth and you lead people to spiritual death in unproven waffle of crap from the carp pond, the same shallow pond as Dawkins.

He cant even challenge the Urantia Book including the evidence of 1stEden and other places. He runs from that, I have tested him and his mob. Just another coward to the truth and to afraid to read a book. That's how gutless he is and the same with you.

Just worry about your own realities coming for you will be busy trying to find solutions that wont come because of your Hatred toward God.


You yourself are insane following the atheist line which leads to governments that desire to re educate you and thats the reality we see today in the world of those who do follow the atheist line.

You speak to the people that have to suffer at the hands of the Atheist Government and see how happy they are with the Atheist intolerable governments that they suffer under.

You must be blind or live in a dreamworld not to see this and yet you support something you really know nothing about, just idle opinions on the wayside offering no proof nor evidence of your atheist convictions.

The Atheist says there is no God and yet he cannot prove that there is no God and yet there are people that have the same Atheist belief and do murder those who do have different opinions and you see that for yourself and yet accept that as normal Atheist run of the mill kinda stuff, the atheist blood sucker taking the life out of people who simply have a belief which is different to the Atheist State.

Atheism is pure evil and you walk in the line of pure evil and where it leads to is insanity as we see with Atheist Governments throughout the whole world and you want that for your children.

You support that eh!

What a suck you are.


How many people do I know that have lived in a communist Atheist sham state and have lost so many family members for nothing at all due to the paranoid state of Atheist governments.

And you guys here support this in the Atheist belief leading to eventual insanity.


Yeah that's the size of your intellect just a waste of space

Where is your evidence prick. Got none and which the whole world can witness.

Where is your evidence that God doesn't exist eh!

Come on where is it? Bring it out to the foreground.

Gutless and nothing to say except show and tell.


The twin brother of Smellyolerfart,

The guy who cant say a thing and who has nothing to say except some idle comments.

Where is your evidence that God does not exist Eh!

Come on, bring it out for all to see!

Another gutless piece of crap another Dawkins parrot who cant prove himself.


Already in the USA the railway sidings are being prepared for those who don't conform. A plan for the what if and just in case essentially.

You will get the big brother you so desire but living on this planet will be completely different to what you understand today living in freedom of expression today.

There will be military everywhere and you will not like it and will miss the ole days where there was a equalisation factor in Government morals but all that will be taken away and man will live in a true Atheist state under global communism in the enforced way.

There will be new currency and all wealth accumulated today will simply vanish.

Pretty soon you will see with your own eyes the reality of today falling apart into the new brave world of global atheist communism with AntiChrist (the Atheist) leading the way to utter destruction of the planet and its people.

All the goodness will taken of the planet and you will be left with pure evil.

At the point of the final judgment, we will all come back to inherit the earth and what's left of it and the true Atheist will just vanish.

Simply the Atheist is just the walking dead in a carcass.

That's is reality and the future of this planet.

All foreseen and all prophesied throughout the ages and we are here right now to see the reality come to pass finally!

Its all in the Dead Sea Scrolls that's why they where discovered by the SHEPHERD BOY. all in the metaphor of the final character, the one boy who found the hidden truth  and brought it to light from a hidden place the same boy who brought to life at the final reality of the  revealing of Universal Government.

No different to Nezha the boy god in Chinese lore who slayed the dragon with his ring like the last one last character interprets the correct Sevenfold reality in the correct time connected to birth as I see reflections.