Introduction to the Communions
Communion of the Angels



And Jesus spoke to them:

"To lift your eyes to heaven

When all mens' eyes are on the ground,

Is not easy.

To worship at the feet of the angels

When all men worship only fame and riches,

Is not easy.

But the most difficult of all

Is to think the thoughts of the angels,

To speak the words of the angels,

And to do as angels do. "

And one man spoke: "But, Master, we are but men, we are not angels. How then can we hope to walk in their ways? Tell us what we must do."

And Jesus spoke:

"As the son inherits the land of his father,

So have we inherited a Holy Land

From our Fathers.

T'his land is not a field to be ploughed,

But a place within us

Where we may build our Holy Temple.

And even as a temple must be raised,

Stone by stone,

So will I give to you those stones

For the building of the Holy Temple;

That which we have inherited

From our Fathers,

And their Fathers' Fathers."

And all the men gathered around Jesus, and their faces shone with desire to hear the words which would come from his lips. And he lifted his face to the rising sun, and the radiance of its rays filled his eyes as he spoke:

"The Holy Temple can be built

Only with the ancient Communions,

Those which are spoken,

Those which are thought,

And those which are lived.

For if they are spoken only with the mouth,

They are as a dead hive

Which the bees have forsaken,

That gives no more honey.

Communions are a bridge

Between man and the angels,

And like a bridge,

Can be built only with patience,

Yea, even as the bridge over the river

Is fashioned stone by stone,

As they are found by the water's edge.

And the Communions are fourteen in number

As the Angels of the Heavenly Father

Number seven,

And the Angels of the Earthly Mother

Number seven.

And just as the roots of the tree

Sink into the earth and are nourished,

And the branches of the tree

Raise their arms to heaven,

So is man like the trunk of the tree,

With his roots deep

In the breast of his Earthly Mother,

And his soul ascending

To the bright stars of his Heavenly Father.

And the roots of the tree

Are the Angels of the Earthly Mother,

And the branches of the tree

Are the Angels of the Heavenly Father.

And this is the sacred Tree of Life

Which stands in the Sea of Eternity.