The Mission of the Seven Commands

One of the goals of the Mission of physicaly revealing he Hidden is the discovery of the Seven commands and the lifting up of them for closer inspection. This can happen in either Dilmun/Babel or in Dalamatia City.

Here is a description of the Seven commands!
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Among the later students trained in Mesopotamia for work with their respective races were Andonites from the highlands of western India together with representatives of the red men and the blue men; still later a small number of the yellow race were also received.

Hap presented the early races with a moral law. This code was known as "The Father's Way" and consisted of the following seven commands:

(these following commands maybe recovered in Dalamatia written in the Dalamatian Language, the first language consisting of 25 scripts or in Dilmun/Babel in the Dilmunite script pre Sumerian.)

1. You shall not fear nor serve any God but the Father of all.

2. You shall not disobey the Father's Son, the world's ruler, nor show disrespect to his superhuman associates.

3. You shall not speak a lie when called before the judges of the people.

4. You shall not kill men, women, or children.

5. You shall not steal your neighbor's goods or cattle.

6. You shall not touch your friend's wife.

7. You shall not show disrespect to your parents or to the elders of the

This was the law of Dalamatia for almost three hundred thousand years. And many of the stones on which this law was
inscribed now lie beneath the waters off the shores of Mesopotamia and Persia. It became the custom to hold one of these commands in mind for each day of the week,

using it for salutations and mealtime thanksgiving.